AutismFather ao posted Jan 22, 18
As many of you know, there is no more MineCon. At least, not one you can physically go to. That's where MineVention comes in.
MineVention is supported by Mojang and therefore an "Official Community Event."
This year they are hosting 3 of them around the UK and it just so happens that Autcraft has a special offer for you if you're wanting to attend their Northern Ireland event in Lisburn.
Use the URL and code in the attached image and save 20% on your ticket prices! That's a lot!
**The discount is only for the 11am general admission tickets**
Why this one specifically? All I can say is... spoilers!
Watch for announcements to come ;)
OreoCookie54 Too Bad, I Don't Live In The US... I Live In Canada!
MidgetMan07 is there one in the US cause i wana go
PrincessCreeper9 sigh.. i cant go, never gone to minecon nor minevention.. rip

New Years Eve and 2018

AutismFather ao posted Jan 1, 18
For New Years Eve, we did fireworks on the server, every hour, for 20 hours straight. That means that autistic children (and adults) all around the world got to enjoy fireworks at midnight even if they couldn't make it out to see the real deal.
But we did more too!
1. Protection Markers
Most players won't notice this but we added new "Protection Marker" blocks to the welcome kit for new players. They're just red and white wool but they're also specially named and referenced in the Protection book you get at the start of your time on the server. We're hoping this will make things much more clear on setting up that very first build protection.
2. Kits
Up until now, when you used your points to get the Iron, Gold or Diamond ranks, you'd also be given a special kit of weapons/armor. However, if any of that was ever lost or broken, players would have to ask an admin to replace it.
As of today, players can now use the '/kit' command to replace their own equipment once per month. So Iron rank players can do /kit iron, Gold rank has /kit gold and of course, Diamond rank has /kit diamond.
One time every 30 days, players can get a whole new kit on their own without having to go to an admin.
3. Patreon Kit
For the first time, Patreon rank now has it's own special kit as well! And just like the ranks mentioned before, Patreon rank players can get their kit once per month using the command /kit patreon.
Patreon rank goes to those players who support the server at the $10/M level or higher at
4. Decoration Heads
It's been a little while now that we've had "mob heads" available for collecting. These have a chance of dropping when you kill their associated mobs, for example, a chicken might drop a chicken head.
Brand new for 2018, we now have decoration heads which, at the moment, are only available in our server store. These heads come in a variety of brand new textures such as a globe, a camera, a computer monitor, a bowl of ice cream and more.
We feel that these will really add a lot to players' builds since they can be placed virtually anywhere and can also be placed on an angle.
We hope to add many more but to start with, we have 36 available right now.
So there you have it! What a crazy day New Years Eve was! We added all these things to the server just in time for the new year.
We really hope you will enjoy and we wish you all the best in 2018!
SparkyKatz9 Nice! I've been pretty in-active on the server since I've kinda lost some motivation, I'm on a hiatus rn,...
SvenStar Excited to see what is gonna be in the new year :) My plan. Make a public Guardian farm out of the games spawning mechan...
DigitalMoon I found yesterday to have been pretty fun. I'm glad I could be there.
As we reflect on the last year when we had 3 Autcons, news stories all around the world, researchers visiting, a TEDx Talk, the addition of a Creative server and so much more, we realize that there is no one single person that we can choose for our final Player of the Week in 2017.
Today's POTW is YOU.
We thank everyone for being a part of this community and for making it what it is. A community is no one person. If there was no one else, it would just be me in an empty server and no journalist is going to do a story about that.
Today we celebrate the importance and value that every single player brings to making Autcraft the community that it is. Researchers don't come to talk to me, they talk to everyone else. Journalists talk to me but they ask me about everyone else.
Today every player that signed onto the server got a special Christmas sword. Then, we also gave every player a special present from under the Christmas tree in Christmas village. And finally, for the Player of the Week, we gave every single player that was on for the announcement 400 points to use in our server store.
Thank YOU for helping to make Autcraft the great place that it is. You are our Player of the Week. Thank you for making 2017 incredible and we wish you all the best in 2018.
Merry Christmas!
- AF
ButterPigeon I joined after new year :(
supertreeboy5 i like the smiley face on the shiny snowman head
SnoowLight we are switching day and time potw is on so there will be more potw just on a different day :)

We've wanted to add in a creative server for a very long time but it's only now, thanks for the wonderful support of the people on Patreon and all of you that we're finally able to add in a second server and network the two together.

When you get onto Autcraft, you'll notice that the Tab user list has now changed to show players on both servers as well as the commands to go back and forth between them. Also, at spawn on both servers, you'll find a portal that will take you back and forth as well.

It was a lot of work getting the server just right to ensure everything is safe, runs smoothly and doesn't break, but in the end I think the hard work has paid off.

To welcome in the new server as well as for the Christmas holidays, we've added some new options into the store including the options to get more creative plots and more WorldEdit/PlotSquared commands.

Not only that, but we've made it all on sale too!! Go check that out before the end of Christmas day!

So to all of you that were patient and supportive, I hope you all enjoy the new Autcraft Creative server.

Vakare I love the Server AutismFather! I wish dogs can go out of the plot though :)
TheZESTY1 this is very good :)
dancingone thx thx thx and thx again AF this is the best christmas present ever :d

Ranks and Rewards

AutismFather ao posted Dec 5, 17

We've seen an increase in the number of players being upset that they aren't chosen for Player of the Week or for any special ranks. These players feel defeated, unlucky and useless. They feel like they'll never accomplish anything.

To those players (or to their parents who can pass this along), I'd like to point out something to you... I don't get any awards either.

There are all sorts of awards around the world for people's work in the field of autism, special needs, advocacy in general and I've never even been mentioned at any of them, much less nominated or winning any.

I will be honest, sometimes I see the accomplishments of some people that do get nominated for special awards and I think to myself... wait, I've accomplished more than that in less time. Why them? Why not me?

But then I remind myself that it's not really that important. I remind myself that I don't really care about awards or recognition. I remind myself that none of those things are the reason that I do what I do and all I really want to do is help people. I want people to be happy and to feel good about themselves, that's all.

If you truly want to be a good person, someone who helps others, then you should do so knowing that those people can never do anything for you in return and that there's a good chance that no one will ever know you did it. That's real compassion and integrity and character. That's truly the most pure act of kindness there is.

Do something for someone that can't do anything for you and do it even if no one sees it. Do it because it's right.

Don't worry about ranks or rewards or any of that. You don't need it to feel important or special. You only need to do these things knowing that you made a positive difference in someone's life. Do that and you'll feel much more rewarded than if someone gave you praise for it.. because you'll know that you did it selflessly and with integrity.

It'll mean that much more. And believe me, other people will see it and they'll know it and they'll respect you that much more for it.

Don't seek rewards. Just be proud of yourself. You deserve it.


hayn3 Han solos Han solos wanting reward money for rescuriing a princess everywhere thare are han solos
DJ_Futuredo9 I’m having the exact same problem, I’m not going to try again for player of the week. I do not deserve it.
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