Breaking a Guinness World Record this April 2nd!

AutismFather ao
AutismFather @ Autcraft
posted Mar 30, 18

Hey everyone!

As I do every year, I'll be holding a live stream on April 2nd to raise awareness for autism and the bullying that autistic people face online, particularly in the Minecraft community. However this year, instead of going for 24 hours, I'll be doing 36!

The reason that I'll be going for 36 hours is that the current Guinness World Record for the longest live stream marathon in Minecraft is 35 hours, 40 minutes and 2 seconds. I hope to break that and set a whole new world record!

This is the record that I'm trying to beat:

There is some bad news however.

To compete and have a shot at breaking this record, GWR guidelines state that I must play vanilla Minecraft in it's current version. That means that Autcraft is not elligible because it has plugins that alter the game.

I'm sorry but I will not be on Autcraft for the live stream this year.

Next year I will be going back to my regular 24 hour live streams and you can be certain that those will be on Autcraft like normal. And I will do my best to continue to bring special guests to meet you all.

This year, I have set up a special server with vanilla Minecraft on it where I will play for the entire 36 hours straight. I will still have special guests come and visit and join me there. I will also invite those special guests to stop in on the Autcraft server to see you all. I can't make any promises though since I won't be there myself.

For those of you who do visit the Autcraft server during the hours that I am doing my live stream, you will receive a special in game item that you can only get during that time. Just like the Christmas Sword, it will appear in your inventory once you join the server.

I hope that you all can understand that the message that I'm trying to send by breaking this world record is what makes this so important... that this is bigger than all of us.

What is my message?

That autistic people are bullied at a hugely disproportionate rate compared to people without autism.

That having one Minecraft server out of millions where autistic people can feel safe simply isn't enough.

That people with autism aren't the anti-social, lacking empathy, troubled and disabled kids that so many people still think we are.

But more importantly, I'm doing this to remind autistic people everywhere that we're just as capable of being the very best in the world as anyone else, given the proper support and the right opportunities.

Next year I'll get back to doing my live streams on the server and I'll still be bringing special guests and I will do my best to include everyone. But for right now, I have to do this according to the rule book.

For anyone wanting to watch my live stream, you can do so at

Also, I will be including Patreon rank players at some point onto the new server to participate. To get the Patreon rank, you must be a supporter of the server at the $10/m level or higher at:

If you want to know when the live stream starts where you are, use this link:

Again, I'm sorry I won't be on Autcraft this time but this is important to me and to everyone else. The world is watching. This could change a lot.

- AF

ToothieTime well done AF!
Boo_Shoo Well done AF! u did it! :d :)
LambAndHam o Yeah AF! good luck! :d :)

The JrHelper Rank is Now the Helper Rank!

AutismFather ao
AutismFather @ Autcraft
posted Feb 5, 18

When Autcraft started, we created 3 main ranks to help keep the server safe and make sure everyone had the help they needed: JrHelper, SrHelper and Admin.

The main differences between JrHelper and SrHelper were the person's age... under 18 were JrHelper while 18 and up were SrHelper.

This presented a problem.

What we found were that some JrHelpers, once turning 18, either weren't ready to be SrHelpers or had no interest in becoming a SrHelper. This meant that those players would lose their rank. And why? Because it's their birthday?

So we (all the staff) got together and talked about possible solutions to this and found that the simplest and possibly best way to deal with it is to remove the age restriction on JrHelpers. We renamed JrHelper to Helper and made it so that any player of any age can become or stay a Helper even if they're over 18.

If a Helper is ready and willing to become a SrHelper after they turn 18, that option is open to them as well.

This will take some time to adjust to for some players, I'm sure, as we've had JrHelpers for over 4.5 years now but we feel that this is for the best going forward. We don't want a player's 18th birthday to be a cause for stress. It's supposed to be a happy time.

For those wondering why some JrHelpers might not want to become SrHelpers, the biggest differences are that SrHelpers can "jail" a player if they're causing problems, which can be stressful, and that players deal with big life problems often turn to SrHelpers to talk. Often SrHelpers hear about problems at home, or school or players dealing with depression... this can be a bit much for some people and they might not feel ready to have those conversations just because they turned 18.

So anyway, going forward... JrHelper is now Helper and players will no longer lose this rank once they turn 18. Also, adults can now earn Helper as well. All of the permissions and responsibilities of the rank will remain the same as it ever was.

Thank you!

Thunderbeard5 This is a interesting Idea!
DeningtonGaming This was a very clever and good Idea. :)
LambAndHam o Good thinking AF

We're on the Front Page of!!

AutismFather ao
AutismFather @ Autcraft
posted Feb 2, 18

So last year I was invited to give a TEDx Talk about Autcraft, and I did. But this year, the people at TED Talks loved it so much that they decided to feature it right up front on their main website!

Check it out for yourself -
f you're checking this out later (after it's been up for a while), you can still see it here -

Also, I took a screenshot because that's what you do when you're on the front page of!

Anyway, I wanted to thank you all for being a part of this server and for helping to make all of this possible!

- AF


AutismFather ao
AutismFather @ Autcraft
posted Jan 22, 18
As many of you know, there is no more MineCon. At least, not one you can physically go to. That's where MineVention comes in.
MineVention is supported by Mojang and therefore an "Official Community Event."
This year they are hosting 3 of them around the UK and it just so happens that Autcraft has a special offer for you if you're wanting to attend their Northern Ireland event in Lisburn.
Use the URL and code in the attached image and save 20% on your ticket prices! That's a lot!
**The discount is only for the 11am general admission tickets**
Why this one specifically? All I can say is... spoilers!
Watch for announcements to come ;)
OreoCookie54 Too Bad, I Don't Live In The US... I Live In Canada!
MidgetMan07 o is there one in the US cause i wana go
PrincessCreeper9 sigh.. i cant go, never gone to minecon nor minevention.. rip

New Years Eve and 2018

AutismFather ao
AutismFather @ Autcraft
posted Jan 1, 18
For New Years Eve, we did fireworks on the server, every hour, for 20 hours straight. That means that autistic children (and adults) all around the world got to enjoy fireworks at midnight even if they couldn't make it out to see the real deal.
But we did more too!
1. Protection Markers
Most players won't notice this but we added new "Protection Marker" blocks to the welcome kit for new players. They're just red and white wool but they're also specially named and referenced in the Protection book you get at the start of your time on the server. We're hoping this will make things much more clear on setting up that very first build protection.
2. Kits
Up until now, when you used your points to get the Iron, Gold or Diamond ranks, you'd also be given a special kit of weapons/armor. However, if any of that was ever lost or broken, players would have to ask an admin to replace it.
As of today, players can now use the '/kit' command to replace their own equipment once per month. So Iron rank players can do /kit iron, Gold rank has /kit gold and of course, Diamond rank has /kit diamond.
One time every 30 days, players can get a whole new kit on their own without having to go to an admin.
3. Patreon Kit
For the first time, Patreon rank now has it's own special kit as well! And just like the ranks mentioned before, Patreon rank players can get their kit once per month using the command /kit patreon.
Patreon rank goes to those players who support the server at the $10/M level or higher at
4. Decoration Heads
It's been a little while now that we've had "mob heads" available for collecting. These have a chance of dropping when you kill their associated mobs, for example, a chicken might drop a chicken head.
Brand new for 2018, we now have decoration heads which, at the moment, are only available in our server store. These heads come in a variety of brand new textures such as a globe, a camera, a computer monitor, a bowl of ice cream and more.
We feel that these will really add a lot to players' builds since they can be placed virtually anywhere and can also be placed on an angle.
We hope to add many more but to start with, we have 36 available right now.
So there you have it! What a crazy day New Years Eve was! We added all these things to the server just in time for the new year.
We really hope you will enjoy and we wish you all the best in 2018!
SparkyKatz9 Nice! I've been pretty in-active on the server since I've kinda lost some motivation, I'm on a hiatus rn,...
SvenStar Excited to see what is gonna be in the new year :) My plan. Make a public Guardian farm out of the games spawning mechan...
DigitalMoon I found yesterday to have been pretty fun. I'm glad I could be there.
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