A Big Big Thank you!!

By SparkleTwinnie a - Posted Sep 12, 18

So AutconUK and Minevention are over, what a fun time we all had. AutconUK was a huge success especially as we had AutismFather join us and then a YouTuber called WizardKeen, which just made our day extra special. Minevention was amazing, it felt like Autcraft was on tour, watching AF and TheDonster on stage was awe inspiring. We were all walking around in our Autcraft T-shirts representing the server and often being stopped by people asking us all about it. Anyway I need to thank all the parents and players that came along to Autcon, I hope you all had a safe journey home. It was an amazing day and I hope to see you all again at next years AutconUK. I would also like to thank Minevention, Boxhead Craft, Squirrel Coffee, and all the Mums and Dad's that helped out. A special thank you goes to covakaresmum, your cookies were Autsome, Gwaryers Mum for making those super bracelets and Hannah's Mum and sister for doing the glitter tattoos. Also, HannahMC00 and my children DaisyBoo and TheDonster for taking charge of all the digital and creative tasks that needed doing, between the three of them they did an excellent job. Thanks also to ScotGator, SavageCabbage and EvilDaQueen for coming to the rescue when my transport for the hall let me down last minute. So it's all done now, we can all take a deep breath and rest until next year.

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