A Big Thank You!

By SparkleTwinnie a - Posted May 26, 18

Just a post to say Thank You because with so many coming to this years event, I have been super busy getting everything in place and without all of you that have given me valuable input and assistance the day just wouldn't happen. It's not just me that organises it, I have a little Autcon army behind me helping me with lots of different things. So, Thank you,  to everyone that has helped towards the organising of AutconUK, you are all amazing!  And that includes all the players coming along who have helped fundraise. Have you seen our fundraising tree? It grows with each donation, I am happy to say our tree is very tall and proud right now. Also thank you to the businesses far and wide that have been generous in offering their time and energy into this. I won't list them all just yet, once the event is over I will do that. There's one in particular I wanted to mention, Fast Labels they have done an absolute fantastic job in meeting our printing needs for the event. For those going to the event, you won't be disappointed when you see. Just 97 days to go!

AutconUK 2018 Fundraising Tree

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