Hey everyone!

As I do every year, I'll be holding a live stream on April 2nd to raise awareness for autism and the bullying that autistic people face online, particularly in the Minecraft community. However this year, instead of going for 24 hours, I'll be doing 36!

The reason that I'll be going for 36 hours is that the current Guinness World Record for the longest live stream marathon in Minecraft is 35 hours, 40 minutes and 2 seconds. I hope to break that and set a whole new world record!

This is the record that I'm trying to beat:

There is some bad news however.

To compete and have a shot at breaking this record, GWR guidelines state that I must play vanilla Minecraft in it's current version. That means that Autcraft is not elligible because it has plugins that alter the game.

I'm sorry but I will not be on Autcraft for the live stream this year.

Next year I will be going back to my regular 24 hour live streams and you can be certain that those will be on Autcraft like normal. And I will do my best to continue to bring special guests to meet you all.

This year, I have set up a special server with vanilla Minecraft on it where I will play for the entire 36 hours straight. I will still have special guests come and visit and join me there. I will also invite those special guests to stop in on the Autcraft server to see you all. I can't make any promises though since I won't be there myself.

For those of you who do visit the Autcraft server during the hours that I am doing my live stream, you will receive a special in game item that you can only get during that time. Just like the Christmas Sword, it will appear in your inventory once you join the server.

I hope that you all can understand that the message that I'm trying to send by breaking this world record is what makes this so important... that this is bigger than all of us.

What is my message?

That autistic people are bullied at a hugely disproportionate rate compared to people without autism.

That having one Minecraft server out of millions where autistic people can feel safe simply isn't enough.

That people with autism aren't the anti-social, lacking empathy, troubled and disabled kids that so many people still think we are.

But more importantly, I'm doing this to remind autistic people everywhere that we're just as capable of being the very best in the world as anyone else, given the proper support and the right opportunities.

Next year I'll get back to doing my live streams on the server and I'll still be bringing special guests and I will do my best to include everyone. But for right now, I have to do this according to the rule book.

For anyone wanting to watch my live stream, you can do so at

Also, I will be including Patreon rank players at some point onto the new server to participate. To get the Patreon rank, you must be a supporter of the server at the $10/m level or higher at:

If you want to know when the live stream starts where you are, use this link:

Again, I'm sorry I won't be on Autcraft this time but this is important to me and to everyone else. The world is watching. This could change a lot.

- AF

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