When Autcraft started, we created 3 main ranks to help keep the server safe and make sure everyone had the help they needed: JrHelper, SrHelper and Admin.

The main differences between JrHelper and SrHelper were the person's age... under 18 were JrHelper while 18 and up were SrHelper.

This presented a problem.

What we found were that some JrHelpers, once turning 18, either weren't ready to be SrHelpers or had no interest in becoming a SrHelper. This meant that those players would lose their rank. And why? Because it's their birthday?

So we (all the staff) got together and talked about possible solutions to this and found that the simplest and possibly best way to deal with it is to remove the age restriction on JrHelpers. We renamed JrHelper to Helper and made it so that any player of any age can become or stay a Helper even if they're over 18.

If a Helper is ready and willing to become a SrHelper after they turn 18, that option is open to them as well.

This will take some time to adjust to for some players, I'm sure, as we've had JrHelpers for over 4.5 years now but we feel that this is for the best going forward. We don't want a player's 18th birthday to be a cause for stress. It's supposed to be a happy time.

For those wondering why some JrHelpers might not want to become SrHelpers, the biggest differences are that SrHelpers can "jail" a player if they're causing problems, which can be stressful, and that players deal with big life problems often turn to SrHelpers to talk. Often SrHelpers hear about problems at home, or school or players dealing with depression... this can be a bit much for some people and they might not feel ready to have those conversations just because they turned 18.

So anyway, going forward... JrHelper is now Helper and players will no longer lose this rank once they turn 18. Also, adults can now earn Helper as well. All of the permissions and responsibilities of the rank will remain the same as it ever was.

Thank you!

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