By AutismFather ao - Posted Mar 27, 14
As some of you know, I've been doing my best on social media to push for awareness of "autistic bullying" for April 2nd, which is Autism Awareness Day.

The reason for this is that we admins talk to players on Autcraft daily (yes, every single day) about how they're bullied in school, on other servers and sometimes, sadly, by their own parents.

Most of you are aware how bad bullying may be in your own experience and you may think that you know how bad it is in society, but let me tell you with 100% honesty and sincerity, you really have no idea.

I thought I knew.

On average, since starting Autcraft 9 months ago, I talk to at least 1 child a week about how they have or are contemplating suicide. 1 child every week for 9 months, you do the math.

I've talked to 3 children in the last 2 weeks alone that were at their breaking point. I'm happy to report that they're all doing ok but are still bullied daily.

Some of you have talked to your children about it, some of you found about it from me and some of you may not even know (if I don't have proper contact details to reach you).

I'm very proud of how we created a safe haven for children with autism and am amazed by having reached 3700 people on the whitelist in just 9 months.... 

I'm also very saddened by having had to create a safe haven in the first place. I'm saddened that just by word of mouth, we've found that many children that need a safe haven at all.

If I was given a magic wand to change things, I'd rather of had Autcraft fail a miserable death from the get go if it meant that there were no autistic children needing to find that 1 safe server that they wouldn't be bullied on.

If you are on social media, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or anywhere else, please help me in spreading this information.

We can't end bullying completely and I can't think of ways to reach those bullies at school but we can reach a lot of people in the Mindcraft community because they live on social media.

So share this link as much as you can and tag your favorite Minecraft players that you know of on social media:

In the meantime, if you are being bullied, talk to someone. Find someone that will listen. Parents, teachers, principle, aunts, uncles... keep going until someone that will stop and listen. And if all else fails, talk to me:

I will always stop everything I'm doing to talk but obviously even I can't be awake 24/7 so if you need someone NOW, please consider these:

This April 2nd, instead of just autism awareness, let's be more specific and raise awareness of just how bad autistic bullying really is.

Don't do it to promote us, don't do it just to participate in what ever is going on that day.... do it for your children, our children and autistics everywhere. Even better, do it for everyone that is just different enough that they become the targets of senseless bullying. Autistic, not autistic... it does't matter.

We need to stand up to bullying and the Minecraft community is as good'a place to start as any.

- AF
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