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AAC Plugin Available to Download!
Started by AutismFather



24 Mar 2022
Last Seen
17 May 2024

We are proud to present to you the AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) Minecraft plugin.

Link to download:
Link to the code:

This plugin adds an alternative form of communication on Java Minecraft servers for those who are very young, don't speak the native language of the server, who struggle to use a keyboard, who struggle to find the words they are looking for, or anyone else who simply needs a way to point and click on what they need to say rather than type it.

Accessibility is so important. I made this plugin to not just help the players on my server, but to help all players on all servers. That's why this plugin is open source, and 100% configurable to the needs of the server.

It is our hope that server owners everywhere can provide their players with this tool in an endeavour to increase accessibility for everyone.

AutismFather · about 1 month ago · Last edited: about 1 month ago