what if autcraft had a made up ore that can be represented as one of the default minecraft blocks
the idea is mostly inteded for fun nothign over powered inteded i also think autcraft is well deserving a ore kinda of wich inspired by it
the only problem is what would it be called and wich block woudl it be i first try thinking of it on my own but could not think of anything then i realised well since its a fun made up name for one of the alredy made blocks basicly in minecraft and its for autcraft why not have autcraft decide
i think in my option the block of choce to kidna rename and say its was made up ore should be easy accesable so ppl can have plenty of it but important also so then there be manny instaces of needing it as well as signify how importand ac is to us all also usefull to mannny so then even if its not the most built with block it be handy to have
i also think it be a fun idea to latter on build a rp mine full of "deposits' of this renamed ore we the ppl of ac woudl ahve concepted because over all autcraft is awsome and its well deseved to have it own ore ppl can mine out