So I was going to create a shop with every kind of potion I can brew but that is proving to be to much of a pain. Instead I've decided I'm accepting orders contact me through messaging here or /mail me. I have the materials to brew just about anything at the moment some orders will take longer than others and I may have to ask for or collect items if I don't have enough (the only thing I'm really lacking at the moment is gold) I also have a significant stash of already made potions. please don't post here about inquiries, private message or mail me. if you would like to deviate from the list of what I'm looking for in exchange you should know the only thing I won't change my mind on is linger potions.

Please know that when trades are set up they go by EST time zone

what I'm looking to trade for potions splash & normal (just a general guide when it come to the specific order I will likely have a named price depending on what your looking for)
- Swiftness = Glowstone dust
- Leaping = Emerald(s)
- Slowness = Gunpowder
- Healing = Gold bar
- Poison = Iron bar
- Harming = Mushroom (grey)
- Water Breathing =Emerald(s)
- Fire Resistance = Iron bar
- Night Vision = Gold bar
- Invisibility = Gold bar
- Strength = Iron bar
- Regeneration = Emerald(s)
- Weakness = Mushroom (grey)
- Slow falling = Emerald(s)

All lingering potions are either emeralds or diamonds