ok i jsut thought id make a post on how i just love building things spechily things that can work in soem sort of fuction any how now i love building thigns spechily thigns that can fuction in som sort fo way simply becase i get pumped up and excited to explore possiblitys and imagination that gose w/ the territory i feel its alwasy a good idea to do that also as the more its pratice the more creative soulitions can be made applied else wehre in life on more pratical bases i espechily liek ti when can make somthign that has a said fuction to it of non pacific sorts ecase i can make it seem relly complex easly to otehr ppl while to me its just clicks and makes sence i also like exploring ideas of recreating certin things i know of and is soem what alrey a fan of as it has the nostalga of memory lan but the same tiem id have the freedome to put on a new twist to it like one tiem i made a jet pane in a game called simple planes mobled after the green mighty morphin power rangers draggon dagger wich last i knew was still in exprimental stateges unforunetly or the time i took a giant massiv pertbuilt semi truck and shrunk it down to the size of somthign smaller i think then a hotwheles car and it stills oem how fuctioned dispite me having it whight like a phew tons in the sain simpel plains game just so a avrage engen power would not be to much as is now i like building stuff in minecraft too its jsut unforunetly the close i can get w/ stuff w/ fction s is redstoen wich while it helps minecrafters life ever so much more once mastered even that has limets i also like to poitn out that not everyone is relyl able to think in the sence of redstone skillfully where as omthing mechanicla like a sime car in simple planes game its just pop on the parts and hope it works but w/ redstone in minecraft far as i seen even just a prayer for somthing cool to happen you have to think about signal streght thefact of timmings block push limets possibly be aware of water also and also you have to also consider others in the miencraft world if on the server becase redstoen can get laggy where as somthing like a game like simpel planes its not nessarly end of the world for some oen to make a car but i guess simple plaines is more degined for such aspects of such so it woudl ahve less probles dealigna s such any how now heres the sad thing when i go off to otehr games wich i can build w/ iget bord wich then my creativity suffers as well becase what be the point if no one u cared about far as ya knew did not even so much take a peek at it or to bother playing and sharing there creatiosn w/ you as well i mean thats kidna my nature is where im a show off and technicly thats alwasy a problem becase to be a show off spechily by nature ya need soem oen willing to show off to i aslo find that if ic ant build w/ ppl in a sence i cant nessary enjoy things as much hence why i mostly stay in minecrat accept for ocasinal breakes is simply becase id have careing ppl who aprpeate my builds as they share there builds while i care for them too and so there for it be this nice loop of caring and sharing of each other that alwasys eems to feed my creative thirst soem tiems of building things now latly on miencraft i havnt alwasy been building latly to much simply becase video games can take a tool on my wrist soemt iems unforunetly so there for i kidna had to restrine my self a fair bit from building becase of health and safy resions but any how the one thing i find odd is that when i take this thirst for buildign into the real world is that when i go and try it by the tiem i mannage to gather resorces for anythign atall my motivation plumits as well as the abilty to stor thigns i build let alone resorce to up keep that abilty to buidl it =-/ wich i find rather discurraging i mean over all if there was a way where there was a place that basicly was liek irl ceative mode from miencraft but irl and ppl did not nessarly had to flip for storage and over all marials and funding for projects w/ no presshure of compelating then yeah id tottly woudl love that opeprtunity but is uppse tahts nto realistic any tiems oon i think tis soem tiems fun to make just somthing down right wacky almost liek ur maing a mad scince expiriment soem tiems those kidn fo buidl lead to funny results in games iany how my love for building is somthing i wish i coudl explore mroe fo w/ possibly friends who share such building passion as i do i guess its just i find saring what you made is probly the best part becase in the end its somthign you made and then when ppl marvle at ur idea or lauph at it if its inteded as a joking build kind of thing its be kidna liek a extrnion of you and when ppl do enjoy it over all its liek there enjoying you sort fo speak ikidna wish there as mroe building freedome interms of fucions in miencraft but liek i siad b4 its just has its limets and also its jsut different from soem other buildign games i fee liek miencraft is mroe of a struchure kidn fo building were id alwasy want is a kidn fo building were ti can be stuschure and fuctions kidn of thing becase then you can do crazy whild things i feel liek id be relyl good at soem aspects fo degining stuff liek vechals or possiblyjust donw right silly and wacky things becase i soem tiems made amazing stuff in simpel planes game and i kanw soem tiems if i had soem sort of template to get a basic idea to go off of in manna case both miencraft and simpel planes game i can just blow ppsl mind soem tiems from what i seen but it feels liek me just staying in acomputer itnerms of buildign stufff is basicly making it so its nto relly going anywhere interms of atleast inproving the creative skill that comes with it and makign shure ti works and/or looks good simply becase i dotn have ppl to mcuh that can say out of randomness say hey lets buidl this w/ soem one so then i ahve soem oen to enjoy the process w/ as well as possibly here feed back in a sence that is not heviy or harse but same tiem not buttering the truth of said build/project i eman i coudl build endlessthings in computer games but from what id notice it be only the process of building thats enjoy able moslty as of latly aatleast becase while its nice that the build gets donne for ppl to use and or enjoy it also means the ever elusive problem of what next i mean shure i can do a verry long project on miencraft and or simpel plans but the rpoblem is there needs to be a balnce wehre its logn enough to enjoy the building process BUT short enough to know yah i can compelat it kidna like the concept of a boss battle you want it hard becase it puts ya to the test and it be long enought to enjoy the ever well desverd victory becase everything u did prepairing was elading up tot aht moment but ya dont want it to easy becase ya did all that sort fo stuff and then it mean nothing becase it wasnt as gratifying but in my senario if were talking boss battles it be liek ok so i beaten this now what and i feel the stage of now what can be slightly harmfull to creative love of building sadly becase after building like crazy and all that spechily in my senario ya may occisnaly run out of iteads and then i alteast would be liek why bother when i dotn ahve the luxury of may be a building buddy to share ideas/solutions and builds w/ in the same sence i hoped for that basicly can team up on stuff soem tiems and so on i eman phew tiems i tried that in miencraft but irl stuff can be a pain and take away from that unforunetly i mean while i understand that and theres jsut nothign possible doable about that over all it still stinks were my creaive building outlits tend to have it wehre i lose intrest becase theres not much to share w/ or be able to intreact more and its a shame that as a result its liek the skills of building things in genral suffers becase you can say hey want to see this thing i built a lot fo tiems and have it verry satisfying for a while but then after a while also id then get bord and want to go on another build wich isnt alwasy realistic ither becase irl be a pain and senarios are of such can be hard i feel liek going on fromt hsi poitn means id be looping my self but its liek i love building just i stuggle to have the abuility to w/ out irl stuff happing or creative buildign skill suffer or possibly even the fact that somthing be to simpel to buid any how i hope ppl enjoyed this rant/ post i hope manny more creative ideas to post coems along for me as well