when i first got in mc lets say i was rather detached and did nto trust manny ppl around me i was infact still in a way were i was all defencive and closed off to ppl but ver time i grew more andmore open ad attach tot he server as well as a bit more trusting shur i always have tow ork on it but the point is enough time and things has happned know that i am scared of somthing in my eyes si sever wich is if ssmthign unforunet happend and thus causing ither me not able to play autcraft on a choise or if somthing happend to autcraft in short i found i have grown more araid of bign alienated agenst my will from autcraft becase w/ out autcraft i faer manny of the freands i have would be in a state were id loose touch w/ them and i feel it woudl be rather lonly as such as i dotn have opertunity to do much stuff i relly hate and fear for usch things to happen and in a sence some what alredy has as soem of you alredy know i have been stuggling w/ arm ishues i been to the dr far as i coudl tell/rember what the dr said they said i have arthitus in such locasion that hurt and get sore easly whats worse si the dr offisaly did nothing far as i herd =-( so instead of husling about collecint resorces all the time for a next big project i mostly build in creative mode latly spechily w/ asistance how ever even thats pushing my limets soem tiems i udnerstand tho minecraft in gernal is a 2 handed game but at the same time i do wish there was a means to play a bit better incase of injurie or sudden unexpecthignt hings coem up that are not specified but any how if ya se me just afking more laltly thats why im srry to ppl who i had big unfinshed prject but far as i can tell theres no way i could evne do such if ya see any big progjects morly then likly latly ull se htem in creative mode where i can get assitance and wehre tis easier to wrok on things becase of the lacking of need of resorces combined w/ world edit