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Online Safety

AutismFather a posted Aug 26, 15

Parents, please take a moment to watch this video. No matter how certain you are that your child would never try to go off without your knowledge and meet someone that they've met online... please be aware that there are no guarantees. The best way to be certain that your child is safe is with a proper education about online safety.

Do not share personal information, do not meet people face to face alone and do not take any unnecessary risks ever.

Please watch this video below for more.

Also, please consider supporting Autcraft as we do our very best to help educate and protect your young players from this very thing.

LealaBlaze Animals can tell if someone is a friend or foe and I knew that that girl was up to something.
Oakstone Yeah. People need to learn more about this.
KidMC630 darn. that is very true AF. ...

The AutismFather Sword

AutismFather a posted Aug 23, 15

The AutismFather Sword is our highest award on the Autcraft server. It is just one of many ways that players are rewarded for doing well but it also stands as a symbol as the culmination of all other awards.

The sword is given to those players that put the server above themselves, who show selflessness in the name of helping others, being encouraging, facing challenges, staying positive and being a friend.

On most servers players are rewarded for doing well in events or mini-games but on Autcraft, being kind, helpful, positive and supportive are the only way to earn both points for our store and awards such as this sword.

And we're crafting one up right now for one very deserving player.
We'll be giving it out at some point this week!

Looting 3, Sharpness 5, Smite 5, Unbreaking 3, Knockback 2, Fire Aspect 3

Mr_Diamond_Cart @ Autcraft
Just for more info, the AF sword can only be gotten by commands so you can't make it in survival mode which is one of th ...
pinkgirliscool Well done CCD! I'm so glad you got it!! ...
Quack444 @ Autcraft
Would be very useful in Wither fights

Back to School Time!

AutismFather a posted Aug 20, 15

As the summer holidays come to an end, some children are already back to school while others will be returning soon.

To get through a rough yet exciting time, we're offering our 15% off 'BACK2SCHOOL' coupon to get anything in our server shop that you want.

Enter the code as you are making your shop selections or visit this url to have the coupon added automatically.

That's 15% off items, heads, ranks, permissions... everything! I figure the cost of getting back to school is already high enough and getting these things will only help take your mind off all that stress.

Coupon Code: BACK2SCHOOL

Quack444 @ Autcraft
Aw... Still not enough points for iron ;( But thanks!
3love2travel3 WOOOOO High School, Baby! ...
KittyPawPrints Bumble... is it ok for you to say that?
FireNut58   created a new thread i dont think im coping to well in this heat in the Autcraft forum
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