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Help! I need Help! Where to find this help :)

LadyCath a
LadyCath @ Autcraft
posted Mon at 8:53

Found yourself or your child in need of some help on Autcraft?

A while ago I created a help centre. It is located at the ground floor of the Quartz Hotel but if you don't know where that is, type "/warp help" from anywhere you are and you will be teleported straight there.

In there you will find all sorts of information like how to use lockette and stables, helpful commands you can use in game, what some terms mean like "afk" and how to get a hold of an admin if you need one.

Go take a look around and familiarise yourself. Go through it with your child so they know also, makes a smoother and more pleasant playing experience.



Misdirected Anger

AutismFather a
AutismFather @ Autcraft
posted Sat at 14:12

I've seen quite a few players come to Autcraft angry lately. I've written about this before but considering I saw it yet again today, I thought I'd take a moment to address it again.

When a player is angry at school or home or another server or for any other reason, they often come to Autcraft where they normally feel pretty good and are surrounded by friends that they can talk to. The problem is, they sign in angry. They are easily angered by everyone and treat friends as if they are the people that they're angry with.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling angry sometimes. Sometimes it's a good thing and get you to stand up for yourself or accomplish things that you can't otherwise.

You must be careful not to take your anger out on the wrong people though. If you become angry because of a person or a situation, it only makes things worse to go to other people and treat them as if they are the ones you're angry with. All that does is make them angry because they've done nothing wrong. They feel hurt when you treat them that way for no reason.

Autcraft is a great place to come to when you need understanding friends that you can talk to. Just be careful that you don't turn them into targets to aim your anger at instead.

If you're angry and you feel like you will just be mean to people instead of talking to them, then perhaps finding something else to do is best until you've calmed down enough to talk.

Don't make your friends angry with you when you're already angry. Believe me, that only makes everything way worse.

liamf_04 AF again making the best of posts.

Welcome to The Land of Autcraftia, you can journey to the Pony Village!, Soar through the air on Autcraft Airlines, protect Autcraftia at either the Watch, or the Autcraft Defense Base.

Take lessons at the University, or take lessons at the School. Research at the Library. Search for Lost Wonderland. Your imagination is the key to your adventures.

Catch them all at Pokemon Island, skate at the Ice Rink, Catch a game at the Stadium… If you think it, it will happen.

So, the Land of Autcraftia is now open, this is just the beginning. Some further announcements are coming. Something that has been running through the admins heads was to use the old New Autville peaceful world area as a build town. Well that will come into play. One of the things that we want to do is update the Giants, so a new Giantland will be opened in the Land of Autcraftia. There will be some other builds that we will talk about on the forums.

Some modifications will be occurring to current builds and my plan is to have some of the players assist with that. Here is the thing, you will have to work with teams, some small, some big… If an admin or srhelper says to stop arguing, please do so.

One more thing, Keep a watch out for the Admin Giants…. right now they are slumbering but they may be showing up in places with some interesting thoughts.

Thanks for making Autcraft one of the best places to play,


ninjjadude a map would also be nice XD
ninjjadude btw, can we have more free items at the enterance like water bottles, bows and arrows, etc.
ninjjadude to find the watch, go to the village by the castle and climb the mountain, follow a wooden path to the autcraft ice rink ...