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Autcraft is now running version 1.9.2!

AutismFather ao
AutismFather @ Autcraft
posted Apr 25, 16

Well, it's time everyone! Autcraft is now running version 1.9.2 which means that you can connect with 1.9, 1.9.1 or 1.9.2.

We've left the old spawn alone as many people had signed out there so certainyl, feel free to explore the old spawn if you like while it's still around.

To get to the new spawn, type in /spawn


abbyapp Can someone give me a elytra plz? I don't have 1
joop2709 Hi Daniel Duke! Can I have some elytra? I could never afford them. Also, y'know, anyone who could please bring the ...
DanielDuke123 I Love Using Elytra. Everyone, Let Me Know If You Need Elytra Or Need Me To Repair Elytra!

While Autcraft Updates - It may say you are not whitelisted

AutismFather ao
AutismFather @ Autcraft
posted Apr 25, 16

If you get the message today that you are not whitelisted, fear not.. it's just the admins working on the server. Just give it a little time and try again later.

In the mean time, now would be a great time to update your launcher profile settings to load Minecraft 1.9 or 1.9.1 or 1.9.2.

TNSchnettler how do we get to old spawn?
TNSchnettler >:(
m1necraft_dant3 I'm sure it will be well worth the wait! So excited!

Autcraft will be updating to 1.9 on Monday, April 25th, 2016

AutismFather ao
AutismFather @ Autcraft
posted Apr 20, 16

We have a little less than a week to go but Autcraft will be upgrading to 1.9 on Monday, April 25th, 2016.

In anticipation, all this week, the Autcraft Store is having a 19% off sale on just about everything in the store.

- What time?
No idea. I'll do it when I can do it and I have no idea how long it'll take since, well, things can and often do go wrong. There'll still be some set up time involved even once the server is back up so the admins will be on the server getting things done. Expect it to take several hours at least.

- How do we upgrade our clients to connect to it?
Don't worry, when the time comes, we'll include information on how to make changes to your own launcher so that you can connect. It'll be here, on our website and on our Setup page.

- Will there be a new spawn?
Yes! I'm working on the new spawn right now and have been for a while now. So when the server shuts down on Monday and comes back in version 1.9, be ready because things will look a little different.

- Will our builds and homes be affected?
Nope, nothing will change other than spawn. Your bases and homes and inventories and everything will remain as they are.

- Can players get Elytra?
Yes! Don't worry, it'll be available for everyone to get.

Slapshot676 Yay! I've been waiting for this update for awhile.
TortoiseMaster03 @ Autcraft
Is the TARDIS staying?

Experiencing lag on the server?

AutismFather ao
AutismFather @ Autcraft
posted Apr 10, 16

If you are experiencing lag when you sign onto the server, please read this for information on what's going on:

weeyoungy Good ol' Flowbha told me this
joop2709 Don't worry! Be happy
LambAndHam lol NateJHales

Whitelist applications

AutismFather ao
AutismFather @ Autcraft
posted Apr 9, 16
A lot of whitelist applications came in throughout the last week since I did my 24 hour live stream last Saturday. Unfortunately, with all that's happened this week, those haven't been processed yet.
So if you've been patiently waiting, I apologize for that but we will be getting those done asap.
There are a lot so it may still take another day or two as we get through them but it won't be much longer.
Sorry for the wait and thank you for your patience.
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