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My parcel from Beyond Blue came today. So excited to open it up. They have Australia's best resources and help for those with anxiety and depression. They have helped me out tremendously in the past.

All this gear will be coming with me to AutCon in Brisbane and some of it will also be in the goodie bags for the kids!

If you haven't yet RSVP'd and live in Australia please check it out at

Minecraft party - Aussie Autcraft style!

hayn3 whare you so exsided that you riped the stuff apart whean you opend the box
Legendary800 thanks for making it a bit smaller ...
Legendary800 the photo is so big it has messed up home page for me lol bit annoying

Helping vs Enabling

AutismFather a posted Jul 7, 15

'Enabling' is something that most children have no concept of and even though most adults do, they still don't recognize when they're doing it.

Helping: make it easier for someone to do something by offering one's services or resources.

Enabling: attempting to help someone that has a problem all the while only making that problem worse.

Recently we've had several children cry out in chat that they want to be able to fly. Fly is a special permission that is 'purchased' with points in our store. That means that this is an earned privilege.

Other children that have earned points feel bad for those children and, in an attempt to help and to satisfy those children, buy 'fly for a day' for them.

But what happens when that day is over?

In giving that child what they wanted because they were crying, you've just taught them that crying for something is the most effective way to get it. They will no longer put in any effort to earn it on their own. They'll no longer care about what other ways there are. Crying for it worked once, it'll work again.

It also shows other children on the server that they can do it too.

It's very hard for us as we are so very impressed and proud of those players for not only wanting to help but in giving up those hard earned points to get something for someone else to help them no longer be sad.

At the same time though, we have to tell them not to do that anymore. And it's such a difficult thing to ask someone to do when really, they were doing such a wonderful thing by someone else.

It's not an easy distinction to make, knowing when you're helping and when you're enabling... most adults don't notice the difference so teaching it to children is especially difficult.

It is very important to learn it though because even though you're only trying to help, if you're no careful, you could be making things much worse.

Oakstone The only time I buy fly for others is proably if we nare building togeather and they need it to get up high. But I do no ...
hayn3 I am the worst helper ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...
hayn3 whats your name af in real life

Event RSVP and more details here:

Welcome to Autcraft's FIRST EVER social meetup!

Hosted by LadyCath, our Australian Administrator, this is a chance for parents and kids alike to get to know each other outside the game. It also gives
parents a chance to meet our admin face to face and ask any questions.

Please, bring your friends and let them see how awesome Autcraft is for themselves but let me know how many you are bringing so we know how many
sausages to buy. Sausages in bread are a gold coin donation, all proceeds going towards the running of Autcraft (and the cost of the sausages and
bread). Please feel free to bring something to share. The event will be Minecraft / Autcraft themed.

Each child (and adult if they want one) will come away with a smile on their face and a goodie bag to take home as well as a cool "AutCon 2015" tag to
wear around their neck proudly.

We will have things like Lego to play with, crafts to build and also there is ample parkland to throw around a ball.

We are so excited to finally be meeting some of you! Please click attending/join if you can come and comment with how many people you are bringing.
PLEASE RSVP on the facebook link above or let me know you are coming and how many people you are bringing with you so I am able to know how many
sausages to buy and how many goodie bags to make.

Hope to see you there.


pinkgirliscool Maybe They could have one in D.C. or Chigcago or NYC!!
rjdim i would have wished i was in Toronto. that way most people in the states could maybe drive up there, Af might be there, ...
hayn3 why do grown ups like magazens and stuff lol looks boring to me
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