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This comes up quite often. It has since the first few days of Autcraft. It comes up even more so in the summer months when children find even more hours to be on.

Some players have asked that I "address this." I put that term in quotes because what they really mean is that they want me to put a stop to it. The parents have not asked me to do so. Why not? Well, because parents know two things very well.... 1 is that these are children (mostly 6-12 years old) and 2 is that they have autism.

1. Children are going to fight. They aren't as well equipped to communicate effectively or express themselves as well as they'd like to. This leads to misunderstandings and often times, just things not being said at all. Also, being children, they'll be more easily angered. When the frustration of someone doing something wrong mixes with the frustration of not being able to communicate that frustration... you get double the frustration, which usually results in an emotional explosion.

2. Having autism amplifies these situations ten fold. Communication is especially difficult, often impossible sometimes. And sometimes that anger doesn't just lead to an emotional explosion but a full on meltdown. What's the difference? You can't just calm down during a meltdown. There is no control at all. It takes time to work through a meltdown. Children with autism are also more easily angered than most typical children which only makes the likelihood of a meltdown all the greater.

So why aren't the parents complaining about the fights and arguments on the server? Well, sometimes a parent will ask us to look into something but the parents understand something that most of the children/players on the server do not...

There are dozens, even hundreds of children with autism on the server through out the day... many that aren't used to playing with other kids, many that aren't used to communicating very well and many that have difficulty controlling their anger. But they love the server and they love playing with the other players. They're just kids looking for a safe place to play and things will get heated sometimes. Maybe even often, particularly when they're on a lot in the summer.

Parents also realize that it's not something that we can just stop. We minimize it as best we can, talking to them in private when we can, muting when we have to... but ultimately, people get mad. Everyone gets mad. And the last thing you want when you're mad is for someone to shut you down. When you are angry, and someone mutes you, making you unable to have your say, that only makes you more angry.

So while, to some players, it may seem like a simple fix to just make it so that kids can't fight anymore... believe me, it is not anywhere close to simple. Not for any children, definitely not for children with autism and not even for you. We wouldn't shut you down when you're angry and we won't do it to others either, no matter how much some people wish we would.

My suggestion is... think about how bad the arguments can be sometimes and consider this... how bad would it really be if we weren't working with them? Because believe me, it could be way worse.

- AF

cutoverflyer703 the frustration of someone doing something wrong mixes with the frustration of not being able to communicate that frustr ...

Here ye, here ye dragon slayers! Sirens warn us of upcoming peril on AutCraft Obsidian on the 2nd Birthday of AutCraft. These dragon fights are fights additional to those on AutCraft.

I give creed to all thee to grab thine armour, smoothest arrows, and sharpest sword to join together to defeat the EnderDragon. Our spotty scientists have estimated times below when dragons will arrive at the end.

The end can be reached by a portal on the South path from spawn. We welcome not only our paying members, but all those members who are 15+ from AutCraft. The times have been updated to reflect BST.

Those who are not paying members and are 15 years of age or older are FREE to play for 24 hours on the server from time of join starting tomorrow. You may enter battles, build, etc with full access. To join and get free access - click the "AutCraft Obsidian" picture on the front page of Autcraft, click "Join" and buy "Trial Access" which is FREE. You should be whitelisted. If you have any issues logging in please let us know.

Help us keep the Socratic City safe from doom!

Arrival of Dragon Pack #1 Arrival of Dragon Pack #2 Arrival of Dragon Pack #3
Australasia (AEST +10) June 24th - 12:00AM June 24th - 7:30AM June 24th - 4:00PM
Europe (BST +1) June 23rd - 3:00PM June 23rd - 10:30PM June 24th - 7:00AM
East America (EST -5) June 23rd - 10:00AM June 23rd - 5:30PM June 23rd - 2:00AM
West America (PST -8) June 23rd - 7:00AM June 23rd - 2:30PM June 23rd - 11:00PM

Genetic relative of the EnderDragon,


Oakstone Okay thanks!
Minus_Opus You can fight the dragon on AC too, Oak.

Just a last minute sneak peak of what is to come along with the dragon rights for Autcraft's 2nd birthday!


GabeD830 Looks Cool...
PirateWally a tip to make it look cooler is to stand in it and enter this command /entitydata @e[r=5] {ShowArms: 1} it will make it ...
pinkgirliscool Lol Dragons don't have Rights xD

We are very pleased to announce that Autcraft Obsidian, the server for 15+ year old autistics and their families is now open!

You can find the Autcraft Obsidian site here:

All of the rules and information can be found there.

To apply for this new server, you must fill out a whitelist application (which grants you access to both servers) and then join the Autcraft Obsidian server here.

If you have already been approved for Autcraft but do not see the Autcraft Obsidian join options on the join page, please send us a request to join here.

See you there!

- AF

n1njag0_N1nja look me and DustyCircuit's disigned beacon at the spawn at ACO ...
bluebouncybubble Just saying, I might be missing something, but why are people getting 'depressed' over not being able to play on this? T ...
Oakstone I hope people still play on the old server.

The Dragon 2015!

AutismFather a posted Jun 17, 15

On June 23rd, our 2nd anniversary/birthday, we invite the whole community to join us in defeating the Ender Dragon in The End!

We've put a lot of thought into the best times to have our dragon fights and we know there will still be some people that miss out. We're truly sorry to those that can't make it that day or during those times. We did our best to make it work for everyone.

Also, if you're not in those time zones, hopefully you're close enough to one that you can work out what the times will be for you.

X_SkunkPlaysMC_X HYPE! 30 MIN!
GreenCreeper22 CANT WAIT!!!!!!
ParkourNinja47 hypeddededed
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