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Hide and Seek is back!

AutismFather a posted Sun at 10:25
Once upon a time on Autcraft, a long, long time ago, we had a Hide and Seek plugin that the children absolutely adored. It was by far, the most popular mini-game the server had ever seen.
One day, the server upgraded to 1.8 and the Hide and Seek plugin no longer worked. It was broken... and was never updated ever again.
For a long time, players continued to play Hide and Seek without the use of a plugin. They just ran around spawn and tried to get behind trees or mountains or builds as best they could. It wasn't a great solution but it worked.
Today, after a lot of testing and preparation, we are pleased to announce that Hide and Seek is back!!
Starting with 4 arenas and more on the way, players can now play Hide and Seek the proper way with hidden blocks, power-ups and more!
There are still some bugs to work out which we'll find as people play it more but so far this morning, it seems to be a huge success. Everyone is having a ton of fun and the arenas have all been full non-stop since it was opened.
To find Hide and Seek on the server, go to /spawn, turn left, enter the big sandstone castle and then press the button that says Hide and Seek!
Hopkinz YAY!!! hide and seek i love that game! I dont remember it being on ac ever i joined in 2016, but yay! i love playing it ...
Zach Finally! :d I miss playing that game! :d
FrenchToast2625 ohh!! I remember playing that with EnderWolf!!! I'm glad its back!! :d

Halloween 30% Sale

AutismFather a posted Oct 18, 16

A few players have said that they've been waiting for this... well, now is the time!

Gwaryer I love sales! =D
PrincessCreeper9 @ Autcraft
Lol! doesnt it mean october?! XD
AlisonJones2002 On the store it says it is until the end of April.

Halloween Town!!

AutismFather a posted Oct 16, 16

This is a project that the admins started a few years ago and has been added to bit by bit ever since by Admins, SrHelpers and JrHelpers alike.

This year there is so much more to see and do as many different players worked extra hard to make it bigger and better than ever.

Matrixcrawler and Mmpf lead a team of several dedicated players who added the most incredible rides, pixel art and even stories to adventure through as you read.

It would take a very long time to list all the things that this place has to offer so I won't even try. But trust me, there's enough here to keep people busy for days.

To get there, just press the button right at /spawn.
We made it super easy to find, it's right there.
See the included picture to see what it looks like.

Don't worry, there's nothing too scary that you have to worry about the little ones but lots of great Halloween fun all around to explore and play with.

Happy Halloween!!

_CreeperStudios_ is it a problem that i havent been on the server in a long
TheGamerBoss wow af that is awesome i will see it now
chickenlitle1204 Lol I didn't notice the Gastly when I went there! :p

It's October which means it's time for some scary, Halloween goodness. I love to see all the creative new skins and scary builds around the server at this time of year.

Each year we decorate up Spawn a bit and even host a Halloween Town for players to explore.

I want to take a moment though, to remind everyone that there are still some very young players on the server who sometimes scare a little easier than others.

For this reason, I'd like to remind people that we don't want to see Herobrine, Five Nights at Freddies or anything else too scary... or gory. You know, not too much blood or anything.

A good Halloween costume/skin doesn't have to be the most frightening... so please keep that in mind this month and help us make sure that every single player on the server has a great time.

iswinq Mine is not made yet :3
FrenchToast2625 Im gonna be wearing a unicorn costume, so, all love and happiness!! :d
kitys My skin is me wearing a pumpkin costume :d! Also im making a halloween mansion building as a game for halloween

Introducing TAO

AutismFather a posted Sep 22, 16

As most people know about Autcraft, our ranks and rewards are focused on the good that players do. Buddies who are friends to those who feel lonely get the Buddy rank. Helpers who drop what ever they're doing to be helpful to anyone who needs it are given the Helper ranks.

Our greatest reward on the server, the AutismFather Sword is given to those few who go well above and beyond all of that and truly put the community and all those in it above themselves.

Now we'd like to introduce you to TAO, which we use as the abbreviation for Thinking About Others. It's a new way for players to let us know about other players who should be acknowledged for the good things that they do.

We already have the CBA system, Caught Being Awesome, where helpers and admins reward players who do good deeds with a few extra points but that's just us who are watching for that. Not everyone.

By encouraging players to watch out for each other and acknowledge their good behaviours, we not only encourage more good behaviours but also the drive in people to watch out for the good stuff, not just the bad.

In today's society, people tend to only speak up about a product or service or person when they have a complaint. But we feel that it's the good that people do that should really be talked about most.

Tao, not the abbreviation, is an ancient Chinese philosophy that is the fundamental basis for the Yin and Yang that we all know today. It's about balance, it's about the forces of nature and the universe.

Most people think of balance as good and evil, black and white and so forth but it's so much more than that. For example, being willing to receive gratefully when we have nothing and in turn, being willing to share openly when we have something to share. That's balance. It's not good and evil, it's good and good but it's still balance.

We aren't looking to teach any philosophy lessons on Autcraft but we do want to find new and fun ways for our players to find balance in their lives and we feel the best way to do that is to think about each other, support each other and encourage each other.

If each of us is willing to accept help when we need it and to offer it when we can give it... we'll have a community that is truly at peace, perfectly in balance.

MCGamerDog Well is there a reward for the players?
TNSchnettler *faseplm* y did this not come soner