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AutCon Australia - Sydney is really shaping up now. I have a HEAP of supplies, stuff to make sweet goodie bags and even have some activities planned :D

Sydney AutCon will be a small but fun gathering of local players and parents in a hall situated in western Sydney during late September.

To rsvp your place please head over to

If you have any questions please message us.
Also, if your child or yourself has any food allergies please let me know so I can cater.

See you there

HurryBuild i can't go to much money for my elders
TabbyGirl472 i agree with Redrooey .but the art for it is good, LadyCath !
SupportedF2 same for me Redrooey


SparkleTwinnie a posted Jul 13, 16

So....AutconUK....there seems to be a little confusion about what it is exactly. It is a SMALL meet and greet in a community hall that has been kindly offered to us by Autism Initiatives. It gives our UK/EURO players the opportunity to take that big step and meet up with the friends they have met on the server. It will also give parents a chance to talk and share ideas. There will be activities to do such as minecraft themed arts and crafts. We will play some games and eat some food (Minecraft themed of course) and all in all just have fun enjoying eachothers company. The whole event has been funded with the money we raised from our Just Giving Page and out of my own pocket. If you are whitelisted on the server, are based in the UK  and are interested in joining us go to Remember we are not a big convention, but we do have big hearts!

Temmie/jujujinx America!
WilburJnr *sings British National Anthem*
cheesepasty13 HI!!!, sorry I have been inactive, in fact I probably have been taken off the whitelist, although I cant seem to play Mi...

Summer Sale

AutismFather a posted Jul 12, 16

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Since a lot of children are out of school and therefore on the server much more than normal, it only felt right to offer something to help make the experience that much better.

As for me, I'll be off sticking my face up to an air conditioner to try to cool off.

Arsam1114 Usually, I would partake in the sale, but I am in a hole right now. Sales are autsome, keep up the good work.
WhippsX yay summer!! i love summer and this makes it better
JIDField WHAT ARE YOU SAYING, its the middle of winter!!!
Tonight we updated the server to version 1.10.2 so you can now update your clients to connect.
To do this, open Minecraft as you would normally but before you press the big grey Play button, go to Edit Profile instead and find the Version Selection drop down. In there, choose 1.10.2 and then click Save Profile.
Now click the Play button and Minecraft will load up in the correct version!
With this update comes a couple of familiar but slightly different mobs, some new building blocks to work with and of course.... polar bears!
minionjacob_2005 it will not work how do i fix it im using 1.10.2
WantedWolf420 I love the new bone blocks I made a house out of them in single player
WantedWolf420 Polar Bears are the cutest things! Oh wait I forgot about dogs

When I first created Autcraft back in June of 2013, the very first screenshot I ever took on the server was of some redstone that I was working on in order to have fireworks at spawn.

It was important to me to have a nice big fireworks display done on time so that all the children (and adults) with autism that couldn't attend fireworks in real life would be able to enjoy them on the server.

Many people with autism suffer from sensory issues that can be amplified during big events like fireworks, with things like loud bangs, twinkling lights, the smell of smoke and the large crowds being too overwhelming.

This month I've been working hard on some brand new redstone under our latest spawn so that we can have fireworks once again this year to celebrate Canada Day and Independence Day! The difference being that this time, I've opened up my fireworks room to the rest of the server so the players can look in and see how it all works any time they want!

It's tough to find, but there is a way in and out. If you can find it, then you can see how I made it so that the fireworks go off for a certain period of time, then turn off and start the big grand finale for another period of time and then turns itself off and resets, ready for the next show... all done in redstone. No command blocks, no cheats.

So this July 1st and July 4th, expect to see a lot of fireworks on the server at spawn!

Also, we've thrown in 10% off in the store for each nation's birthday... making 20% off total! Ranks, items... even buying points is 20% off!

Spooky626 there weren't any fireworks on july 4th.... what happened?
WantedWolf420 Also love the new design on the website:)
WantedWolf420 I'm not American or Canadian, but will see the fireworks. I only see fireworks when they are in minecraft lol
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