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The Glory Days

AutismFather a posted Tue at 16:44

The glory days

It's always amusing as well as interesting to us to see how people remember Autcraft as time goes on.

We've had players tell us that they've been on the server for 3, 4 and even 5 years now. Autcraft will be 3 years old next month.

Just the other day I saw a player mentioning to someone else how they miss the start of the server when no one would ever bother each other, no one would break other people's builds and people didn't build too close to each other.

When Autcraft started, we only protected a player's actual building which left other players to build above or below them. And that happened a lot. Plus people would build right up against the wall of another player. That happened a lot too. Which is why we now do protections from bedrock to sky level and have the 30 block rule in place.

What I'm trying to say is, it was much worse in the earlier days than it is now.

I could go on and on with examples of how players remember Autcraft very differently than it actually was and they miss those days, even though they never actually happened. It's a very good reminder that the mind shapes memories not as facts but more as individual moments... more specifically, feelings.

We associate moments in our lives with the feelings we experienced in those moments more so than the actual events that transpired. We remember making friends, being happy, feeling safe. We cherish those feelings, especially if some of those feelings are for the first time.

Still though, it's important to keep perspective and recognize that Autcraft isn't worse now than it was, it still does for people now what it did for you back then. In fact, it does it even better now because we've learned and found ways to avoid the mistakes we made in the beginning.

I know a lot of people that were on Autcraft in that first year wish that they could re-experience those feelings all over again, for the first time, but since that's not really something we can do... we can do our best to give new players that same feeling and in doing so, give ourselves all new memories to feel good about later.

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Autcraft has appeared in 5 different magazines in 2016 and it's only the 5th month of the year! Between that and the success of my 24 hour live stream broadcast in April, whitelist applications have been coming in at a much faster rate than normal.

Back in April, I predicted that we would reach 7000 names on our whitelist by Autcraft's third anniversary on June 23rd but we actually hit that milestone much sooner than expected.

I would just like to thank you for believing in us and for entrusting us with your safety and the safety of your children. It's a responsibility that we take very seriously.

RhStInOr autismfather HELP. plz i tryied doing /home but it comes up with homes place help. what do i do?!?
TabbyGirl472 June 23rd for me is the last day of 5th grade!
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Happy Mother's Day!

AutismFather a posted May 7, 16

On Autcraft, we celebrate all the moms, all the single dads, the grandparents who raise their grandchildren as their own, the guardians that have taken on the care of a child regardless of circumstance and all others who love their child like no other ever could... Happy Mother's Day.

_Shady_Sketcher_ It's mothers day? Are you guys American or something? Because mothers day was quite a while ago where I live so... ...
SpacePixel5 Happy parent Celebration
SparkleTwinnie a Happy Being an awesome parent day to you all!!

Well, it's time everyone! Autcraft is now running version 1.9.2 which means that you can connect with 1.9, 1.9.1 or 1.9.2.

We've left the old spawn alone as many people had signed out there so certainyl, feel free to explore the old spawn if you like while it's still around.

To get to the new spawn, type in /spawn


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If you get the message today that you are not whitelisted, fear not.. it's just the admins working on the server. Just give it a little time and try again later.

In the mean time, now would be a great time to update your launcher profile settings to load Minecraft 1.9 or 1.9.1 or 1.9.2.

TNSchnettler how do we get to old spawn?
TNSchnettler >:(
m1necraft_dant3 I'm sure it will be well worth the wait! So excited!