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Why do people leave?

LadyCath a posted Dec 6, 14
Players need to stop thinking about leaving Autcraft as such a bad thing. It's not. Well, not always.

The whole point of Autcraft was to help prepare you kids for life on other servers and since it's become so much more than that, it's actually helping kids make real life friends, get jobs, start doing their own thing.. it's only natural that everyone will eventually leave as they have more stuff they can do with their lives now. That means less time for Autcraft or even Minecraft in general.

I like to think of it more like graduating from school. Yeah, if you're still there and a friend graduates and is now gone, you miss them but you don't be sad that they graduated and went on to bigger and better things. You be happy for them. You celebrate that they've made it!

Whether they'll have real life friends now that take up all their time, or they're playing on other servers now or even have servers of their own... no one should be sad that they've left. Cherish those memories and miss the person but also, be happy that they've gone on to do more. You've graduated! They don't need Autcraft anymore. That's a good thing.
WeepingWillowTwo a The majority do come back, LakesideMiners, and it makes our day to see how much they've grown! ...
LakesideMiners oh and you would think that they could come back every so often
LakesideMiners Still skipthemonkeyLP left because she kept getting muted for spamming and she can't help that and she keeps telling the ...

Some downtime coming up!

LadyCath a posted Nov 2, 14

We have some downtime happening:

Downtime for tomorrow morning set - 11AM EST AutCraft will be down for multiple hours...

Please be patient, this is a pretty big one.

Multiple means it could be down from 2+ hours at least . we cannot guarantee how long for but will try to keep you all in the loop as to when it'll be back up.

ChesyPleas We have been down for over 12 hours, I see only 2 possible explanations THE SERVER IS GOING TO BECOME EVEN MORE AWESOME ...
MODKILLER101 will it be up in th em orning
barbarianranger7 We are now at 9 hours and 30 minutes ladies and gentlemen! Keep on working admins!!

Are you able to donate?

LadyCath a posted Oct 24, 14

Hello everyone!

Did you know the donations you kindly give to us go towards the running of the website and Minecraft server?

Each and every dollar donated (and points purchased too) goes 110% into the running costs. I won't bore you withthe figures but these costs are in the hundreds per month. This money goes towards the hiring of the machine and maintenance of it that stores our server on it and runs it night and day.

We put up this cool looking donation counter on our main page here..on the right hand side.

"What happens if we don't make the donation goal for the month?" I hear you say? Well we don't shut down. We don't cease to exist, it means that admin have to dig into their pockets to help pay for the months bills for Autcraft which isn't always easy.

So don't worry if we don't get there every month. You can also help by purchasing points or merchandise too from the

Thankyou to everyone who has helped and to all wiling to help. Every dollar counts and helps keep us alive for the kids.

It's not necessary to donate for your child to play on Autcraft - it is free to whitelist to play to keep it fair access for all people from all walks of life.. but we appreciate the help if you can.


HPHGRPok Also, 110% isn't a real thing.
Oakstone microsoft made my pc and a load of other thins that i love to use
pinkgirliscool I wish i had paypal then i could dontate ...
I won't pretend I'm as eloquent as AutismFather, so I'll just get to the point. He recently sent me a link to the article below and wrote, ''s part of what Autcraft teaches... autism is an excuse for struggling but it's not a pass. You are still responsible for your own actions.' As you can tell, he's not changed a bit and for that the world is a better place.

To read the rest, please visit

JohnJNinja we are after all humans am i right? by the way J_D Totally agree
jackson_dylan Children need to take responsibility for their actions. Autism isn't an excuse for being a horrible person. That would b ...
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