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In the past we've had people try to say some very terrible things in public about Autcraft or about the admins, usually in social media, sometimes here in our forums or on Enjin walls. Usually the players and even other admins come to me about it, asking/advising me to remove it or address it. I do neither.

Often times these things are posted by players that we've had to remove from the server for one reason or another. It usually starts with "I was banned for no reason."

In most cases, we've worked with these players for months or even years and when no progress is made, or worse... the risk to the other players grows... we have to remove them. That's when they take to social media to tell the world about how terrible we were to them.

What I want to remind everyone is that there are always two sides to every story and when you hear about someone with a grudge against me or the other admins, chances are you aren't going to hear about all of the details.

I believe that our reputation speaks for itself. Not just our reputation but your experience. Not our experience but your own. If you've played on the server or had a child playing on the server and you've talked to us or seen us talking to others or, you know... just spent any time at all with us on Autcraft... I would hope that you would take that into consideration when you read about a disgruntled player lashing out against us publicly.

I'm not saying to not believe someone if they have a gripe against me or the server. I'm sure they believe they are right. Maybe they do have a point. But still, it's only their point... their side to the story.

I believe strongly in letting people express themselves, even against me and the server. I believe in this because first of all, freedom, but secondly because what I and the others have built here on Autcraft speaks for itself. If someone spends a year with us and then turns around and believes all the cruel things that a random person posts about us somewhere... then any response from me is going to be pointless anyhow.

Finally, if these posts are coming from disgruntled players that had to be removed... keep in mind our dedication to people's privacy. We hold each individual's privacy way above anyone else's need to be in on the drama. We don't owe anyone any explanations except for the parties directly involved. If you want to believe I'm a terrible person because I'm not going to explain to you why someone was removed... then by all means. Believe what you will. Better that than me posting people's private information publicly for all to see.

WantedWolf420 No matter what, I will always go on the Admin's side.
SirElijahGavin was i one of them
flaming_bird_164 some people just want attention and they should take a minute to think what they are saying and to who there are saying ...

AutCon - Sydney Australia - September!!

LadyCath a
LadyCath @ Autcraft
posted Jul 19, 16

AutCon Australia - Sydney is really shaping up now. I have a HEAP of supplies, stuff to make sweet goodie bags and even have some activities planned :D

Sydney AutCon will be a small but fun gathering of local players and parents in a hall situated in western Sydney during late September.

To rsvp your place please head over to

If you have any questions please message us.
Also, if your child or yourself has any food allergies please let me know so I can cater.

See you there

HurryBuild i can't go to much money for my elders
TabbyGirl472 i agree with Redrooey .but the art for it is good, LadyCath !
SupportedF2 same for me Redrooey


SparkleTwinnie a posted Jul 13, 16

So....AutconUK....there seems to be a little confusion about what it is exactly. It is a SMALL meet and greet in a community hall that has been kindly offered to us by Autism Initiatives. It gives our UK/EURO players the opportunity to take that big step and meet up with the friends they have met on the server. It will also give parents a chance to talk and share ideas. There will be activities to do such as minecraft themed arts and crafts. We will play some games and eat some food (Minecraft themed of course) and all in all just have fun enjoying eachothers company. The whole event has been funded with the money we raised from our Just Giving Page and out of my own pocket. If you are whitelisted on the server, are based in the UK  and are interested in joining us go to Remember we are not a big convention, but we do have big hearts!

EndermanFrenzy I cant come cause I would have to take boat or plane to The UK since I'm in Ireland and my Mom just got out of hosp...
DrPiggy12 if im on the list to go plz remove me
EnderGamerAA_YT Someday?

Summer Sale

AutismFather a posted Jul 12, 16

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Since a lot of children are out of school and therefore on the server much more than normal, it only felt right to offer something to help make the experience that much better.

As for me, I'll be off sticking my face up to an air conditioner to try to cool off.

hayn3 I am lugthing right now cuse I don't no atusimfather sitting on a log looks silly XD
Arsam1114 Usually, I would partake in the sale, but I am in a hole right now. Sales are autsome, keep up the good work.
WhippsX yay summer!! i love summer and this makes it better
Tonight we updated the server to version 1.10.2 so you can now update your clients to connect.
To do this, open Minecraft as you would normally but before you press the big grey Play button, go to Edit Profile instead and find the Version Selection drop down. In there, choose 1.10.2 and then click Save Profile.
Now click the Play button and Minecraft will load up in the correct version!
With this update comes a couple of familiar but slightly different mobs, some new building blocks to work with and of course.... polar bears!
minionjacob_2005 it will not work how do i fix it im using 1.10.2
WantedWolf420 I love the new bone blocks I made a house out of them in single player
WantedWolf420 Polar Bears are the cutest things! Oh wait I forgot about dogs
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