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This Saturday, AutismFather will be giving a TEDx Talk at York University in Toronto Canada. After the presentation, the audience will get to actually see the server through AutismFather's eyes on a big screen television.

You are invited to be there and be a part of the event! All you have to do is be on the server.

Event information as well as a countdown timer to when it'll be happening can be found at:

I hope to see you there!

THE_AUTISM_GAMER awww I missed it :(

Join us on Autcraft this Sunday, April 16, to find hidden goodies!

Much like AF's firework shows, the egg hunts were designed to give players a way to participate in a seasonal event that mirrors the traditional egg hunting that may occur at your school or local park during this time of year. Many of our AC players have sensory issues that prevent them from enjoying these types of activities in person. Organizing server events that resemble traditional celebrations is our way of bringing the experience to minecraft and allowing kids (and adults) to participate in an environment that is comfortable to them.

We would love to see all of you at this fun community event! This a great way to spend time with your AC friends, but we encourage you to say hi to that player who you may see around a lot but haven't talked to yet. Also, invite mom, dad, grandma, siblings, your dog (no cats though as they tend to be spammy when near keyboards :P ) to sit next to you and see what Autcraft is all about. Most likely they will be interested to see what AC looks like to you as you play.

There will be 3 egg hunts throughout the day. For those who want to participate, we've scheduled the egg hunts during at least one reasonable time in each of the major timezones.

For more details click the link below:

Batduck8 will we be finding mob eggs?
MODKILLER1001 LOL same cat thing from last year

Happy Easter!

AutismFather ao posted Apr 12, 17

It's Easter this week which means it's all about the eggs!
Starting today until April 18th, all spawn eggs are 50% off!

But that's not all! Everything else in the store is 25% off as well including ranks!

We hope you have a terrific Easter!

LambAndHam It is cool that spawn eggs are 50% off
glitchygamer45 second. i like it
MidgetMan07 first and its realy cool :d

Store Prices Updated!

AutismFather ao posted Apr 1, 17

In AutismFather's quest for mega riches and world domination through kindness, compassion and acceptance, everything in the store is now 500% the regular price!

Thank you for your support!

LambAndHam The day after this was put up it was 50% off
blastoise186 Just to let everyone know, this post was put on on April Fool's Day, and it was a joke. Don't worry as the st...
MCGamerDog This is an April Fools prank

This April 2nd, I will be livestreaming for 24 hours straight to raise awareness of autism and to end bullying in the Minecraft community.

The livestream will begin at midnight EST and run straight through until the next midnight. No one is expected to watch the entire thing but we'd love for you to visit at some point and say hi.

Most of the livestream will take place on the Autcraft server itself.

The livestream will be at

More information can be found at

Also, I play games, I don't run. So this is my marathon.
If you'd like to support me and Autcraft, you can do so at

I hope to see you there!

Mr_Diamond_Cart Hang on, I might actually be able to watch the entire thing... I'm going to try to watch it all because I just want...
BountyHunter_Zan (add on of below) There also is already a lot of Autism Awareness (even created by you). But uh whatever makes you happ...
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