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Sale - Now ON!!!

LadyCath ao posted Jan 20, 15
Half the world is back at school already!

We are having a sale to celebrate... 15% off pretty much everything!

Coupon Code : BACK2SCHOOL

And don't forget to check out the new School Package, equipped with school shoes and hat - this one is available now and will be during and after the sale as well.

Get in quick! Only lasts until 9 Feb (EST US)

Half the world is back at school already!

We are having a sale to celebrate... 15% off pretty much everything!

Coupon Code : BACK2SCHOOL

BUT WAIT!! - It Starts Monday (19th Jan) - get in quick! Only lasts until 9 Feb after the Aussie kids are back at school too.

Roboman2772 .....I'm Aussie....
donuts4321 Actually this is kind of strange because on Feb 19th I have another holiday ...
liamf_04 I read this thinking that it said it would start at the 17th of janurary. Got excited, rushed to the shop page, entered ...
Autcraft was recently featured in the news for kids mobile app called News-O-Matic from It's a great resource for children who like to keep up with world events but might not understand the news as it's presented for adults.

Here is what they had to say about Autcraft.

- AF

HyperGirl100 @ Autcraft
Yes, that is the old spawn.... I miss it.....
evanthegreat2013 AF I have a question, did you ever think the server would be so successful and so popular? ...
Ryantherider25 Its cool they did that... but is that the old spawn? Still, cool!

We have a lot of new players now that the holidays are complete so it's time to reinforce what it means to be safe on the Internet.

On Autcraft, players are not allowed to share personal information or personal contact info including Skype. This is for their protection.

We do our utmost best to screen every single whitelist application but the truth is that no one can ever truly be sure that someone is who they say they are.

You must think about your own safety everywhere you go even if it feels like the safest place on the Internet.

We understand that many of the children on Autcraft are eager to make friends and are eager to talk more with people outside of Autcraft but adding random people to Skype is simply not the way to go about it.

I know that some people are still searching AutismFather on Skype and adding the first person they see. Many of those people are finding someone that is not me! That's some random person on the Internet that none of us know. (please don't search for me, I won't add you anyway because that's another rule)

This happens for other admins, helpers and players as well. You can not assume that just because someone on Skype has the same name as the person on Autcraft that they will be the same person.

Please do not share Skype names, do not add random people to Skype and never ever share personal information. This includes last names, addresses, phone numbers or anything else that may give strangers a chance to find you.

If you are a parent, please have this talk with your child. Yes we promise a "safe environment from bullying" but no one can offer anyone absolute safety anywhere on the Internet.

We do our best with our rules and monitoring but only you can keep yourself safe.

- AF

Oakstone snow day agin wohoo yahoo posted on 1/12/2015
Conn2210 People keep asking for my skype and I've had skype requests from them ;[
Oakstone Ok. thanks for telling us AutismFather and geuss what it is a snow day here wohoo yahoo! posted on januwary 6th 2015
I can't tell you how many times we've had a bad person on the server that turned out to be a sibling, or friend, or cousin or just a random person that picked up the username from somewhere. We didn't let that person on, that person was allowed on by someone that is a good person that gave away their identity.

This might not really affect you since you'd be gone and done with Minecraft but it does affect us and more importantly it affects hundreds, even thousands of other children. You are compromising their safety by letting other people in when you don't keep your account/username secure.

If you're not going to use it anymore, just don't use it. Or better yet, contact us to tell us so that we can remove it from the whitelist to ensure that no one else ever gets in with it.

And if you have someone in your house that might find themselves with some alone time at your computer, be sure to sign out of Minecraft when you're done. Please. Not just for our sake or yours but for all the other children on the server.

If you are a parent of a child that has siblings or friends that are capable of doing this, we ask that you please keep on top of this as best you can as well and ensure that no one else can use their account.

Thank you.

- AF
donuts4321 Yes. My brother has his own account and my other 2 brothers live away.
evanthegreat2013 That's correct, it's not a good idea to give your account away. AF really made a good post about this ...
diamond_steve_1 my bro says autcraft is dumb and he is the only other person who plays minecraft
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