Shortly after starting Autcraft, we began having a POTW (Player Of The Week) announcement each Monday. We didn't really pick that as the day, it just worked out that way and we stuck with it.

The thing is, even though our POTW announcements on Monday tend to be the busiest time on the server each week, it's still not as busy as it could be. Monday's at 4pm is when many children are in school and parents at work.

Starting in 2018, we're moving the announcements to Sundays at 4pm EST. We hope this will be better for everyone and make it easier for everyone to be there.

If you need to know when 4pm is in your time zone, use this url and enter 4pm EST as the starting point:

Also, for those looking ahead, December 31st is on Sunday and January 1st the Monday. To avoid confusion and because we suspect most people won't be around anyhow, there will be no POTW announcement that week.

The first POTW announcement for 2018 will be on January 7th, a Sunday.

- AF

SnoowLight Also... time zones are a thing so this creates problems for other people like in brittan its just later at night for the...
SnoowLight Okay thanks for informing us :)

Recently a young player on the Patreon Discord server went to a server belonging to another player. It didn't go very well.

Like most players, they wanted to have a server of their own and was inviting other Autcrafters to go play there. Because they were both from Autcraft, they both felt it was a safe thing to do.

It didn't take long, however, for them to have an argument that resulted in anger and hatred. That player returned to the Patreon Discord server angry and hurt and insisted that we, the admins, do something about it. Because that other person is an Autcrafter, he felt that we had to punish them.

He was shocked to find out that we wouldn't do anything about it. Since it happened off of Autcraft, we had no records of what happened, no log file, no database... nothing. We couldn't know exactly what was said or done. But more so than all of that... we simply are not responsible for what happens anywhere but Autcraft.

That player quit. They left the Patreon Discord and their parents stopped supporting the server.

The server (and myself) lost actual income because one child decided to make their own server and invited another child and they both went off and had a fight. And I lost income over it.

Think about that.

It's not really about the income though. It's about the fighting. We don't like to see people getting hurt. We especially don't like to see those players bringing the drama back to Autcraft and getting everyone else involved. People take sides, get angry and the whole place falls apart.

That player now feels hurt and betrayed by that other child and by us for not doing anything about it.

This is why we don't allow "advertising" on Autcraft. This isn't an isolated event. THIS HAPPENS A LOT.

We don't want to prevent players from having their own servers or playing with friends elsewhere but we need for everyone to be aware that doing so is a risk that you must make on your own. You take that risk and you accept the consequences. Autcraft should not be dragged into any problems or drama as a result.

MidgetMan07 man i feel bad for them :/
AceGriff Yeah I heard about that, my mom told me about it. I'm sorry to hear that but I hope you're managing :)

Every year on Autcraft we invite the JrHelpers to add on to our Halloween village. It's filled with haunted houses, mazes, spooky sounds, rollercoasters and more. For four years now, this area has gotten bigger and bigger!

This year is no exception.

They've added more mazes, more parkour, more spooky sounds, more pixel art and so much more! Plus, there's even a special collectible item to add to your inventory but you have to find it to get it!

So if you're on the server between now and November 1st, be sure to check out our Village of Boos by clicking the button right at spawn.

Happy Halloween!

Zachcraft09 cool spooky village
hayn3 Looool the ghast's eyes in the picture
LambAndHam Cool!

Discord Safety

AutismFather ao posted Oct 20, 17

For those of you that don't know, Discord is the latest communication software that is quickly gaining dominance over Skype and TeamSpeak and other programs that allow people to talk over the Internet.

Autcraft itself has a Discord server for people who support the server via Patreon ( We do not, however, have one for the entire server.

The reason for this is because we do not have the people nor the time to monitor it 24 hours a day, every day.

People need to remember that this is a server dedicated to the safety of children with autism. As such, we can't ensure safety if we're not there but more so, children with autism are, by the very definition, lacking in some social skills, communication skills and prone to emotional outbursts.

Imagine 50 children with autism from all around the world in a single voice channel all talking over each other.

Now, the reason I'm bringing this up is that many children who join the server feel that we should have one and since we don't, they will just go and make one themself and invite everyone to it. They clearly aren't really thinking about everything I just described or they don't think it would be as much of a problem as I do.

Either way, it always causes a problem. In 100% of cases, arguments and fights and drama on these Discord servers come back to Autcraft and we have to hear from children that are hating each other because of something that happened in some Discord server.

What's worse is that I continue to see children that are bullied and attacked by trolls online that are now creating Discord servers and then sharing the invite links to them in the places where they're bullied... on YouTube, their Enjin profiles and more.

These are OPEN INVITES to the general public meaning that anyone can go in and say anything they want to the children that start the servers and all the other children that have joined it.

Take a moment right now to think about your average YouTube comments section. Now imagine those same people clicking that Discord invite link, going into the voice channel and talking directly to your children.

That's happening.

So please, parents... I get that your kids want to socialize more. Autcraft gives them the freedom to do that without hate or judgment and they want more. Since we don't offer voice chat, they do it themselves.

Please be aware of what your children are doing online.

If we don't set up a Discord server because we know we can't keep it safe... that should tell you something about the Discord servers that your children are setting up and plastering public invite links everywhere for everyone.

Please keep your children safe online!

And players, kids... I understand your need to talk to others on the server, or anywhere. I get it, I really really do. But please understand... this is not safe. This is not the way to do it.

We applaud your dedication and determination. We applaud your ability to make things happen yourself. But please understand, we care about your safety.

If you must set up a voice program like Discord, do it quietly, discreetly. Invite friends only. Build it up over time. Do NOT share the links in public places.

We're not saying you can't talk to other people. We just want you to do it in a smart, safe way.

Be sure to check out their own article to parents to help show you the safest way to use Discord:

FURRY_FOR_LIFE i can get that i thought it was becuse they were being mean becuse they say you pay more youy get more but now i know th...

Mob Head Collecting

AutismFather ao posted Aug 21, 17
We've had a plugin on the server for some time now that makes it so that you have a rare chance of collecting a mob's head when you kill it. That plugin hasn't been updated in years. It didn't even include the endermite.
We've done our best to work with it for some time until Xisuma released a new system ( which includes far more heads and works in vanilla Minecraft. We switched over to that when we updated to 1.12 and it worked quite well. But I felt like we could still do better.
So we took what Xisuma has done and packaged it up into a plugin of our very own with some slight modifications.
What this means is that players can now collect up to over 100 different mob heads in the game. These heads include all 16 sheep colours plus the jeb_ sheep head! 4 llamas, 4 fishes, 4 cats, 7 rabbits, 4 parrots, all the various villagers and their zombie villager equivalents and a whole lot more.
But we STILL could do better.
So, we've added a new mob head in at spot number 101.
If you've ever played any of the Pokemon games, you're probably familiar with the concept of a shiny. It's an extremely rare, differently coloured variation, making it one of the hardest to add to your collection.
Well, we've added in something just like that. A shiny Creeper head!
I know, you're wondering just how rare it is... let's just say, everyone on the server can finish their collection of 100 mob heads with a little hard work and determination, but not everyone will get that shiny creeper head.
Oh, also, yes, all of these mob heads will be added to the store for purchase with points... except for the shiny ;)
Good luck and happy collecting!
- AF
penguiejr Hello! I have a question, could you make the shiny creeperhead a bit more common? I have spent days in the mob farm but ...
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