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This is it! This is my TEDx Talk!! Posted on the official TEDx Talk YouTube channel.

I really hope you all like this... I really poured my heart and soul into it as this is literally my one real chance to the tell the world all about Autcraft... and to inspire others to do more to help us all too.

souphousedave i'm glad that the world of autistic minecrafters get this server info. also AF do you want to give this other langu...
glitchygamer45 Good job AutismFather that was one of the best TED talks i have ever seen! I clap for you because it was so good.
BlakeyCraft I Really Liked This :d
When we updated the server to 1.12, we also expanded the 4 main build worlds by 5k blocks in all directions. That might not sound like much but I challenge you to try to walk all the way around it.
Speaking of which, we've also updated the teleport rooms for each of the worlds as well.
Previously the world borders were set to 30k in each direction with teleporter buttons that would take you out in 5k, 10k and 15k intervals. You just had to walk the rest. This meant that a lot of space in each world hasn't been used much.
The teleport rooms now have double the buttons which now allow you to go out to 20k, 25k and 30k blocks!!
We're hoping this will make it easier for newer players to find some open space to build on.
We've also been busy updating the "teleport pads" in each of those locations to provide you with some basic tools to use to get started but also a button that will get you back. We've found that some new players teleport out into the world but don't know to use /spawn to get back, so they feel stuck out there. Now they won't!
So if you're new to the server or if you've just been looking to get further out into the world where there are less people all around, check out the new buttons that take you out further than ever!
Lach0503 Wow, only a few weeks ago i was searching for a woodland mansion only to reach the world border. To make things worse i ...
LambAndHam Cool!
Yoshicraft224 challenge accepted

Autcraft is now 1.12!

AutismFather ao posted Jun 24, 17
Autcraft is now 1.12!
Yup! We just went ahead and did it! There was a lot of work involved but most of it is stuff that players won't even notice... behind the scenes stuff.
A huge thanks to our admin Mmpf for making the transition possible, much less painless!
But yes, we are officially now a 1.12 server which means you're going to have to update your launcher settings before you connect.
If you don't know how to change your Minecraft version, read this helpful article:
Be sure to choose 1.12 from the list of available version numbers!
We look forward to seeing you all on the server!
- AF
Hopkinz YAY :d
Stxrlord 1.12 is bad for me :( doesnt work well
Arsam1114 With this being the colorful update, I had a dream that we could change the color of the cactus.

Hey everyone! For Autcraft's 4th Anniversary, we will once again be calling all forces to gather in The End Resource World throughout the day to fend of forces from the RageCraft 3 invasion!

Unlike last year, there are no set times for this. We'll do them throughout the day when it seems like a good time. We'll aim to have 3 separate fights to account for each time zone but again, there's no set time. Just try to be on when you can.

So get your best gear and be ready because you've never seen mobs quite like this!

BatGirlGaming i think i missed it
Hopkinz is this today or did it already happen??
Arsam1114 I had to work the entire time, and lost power too, so I wasn't able to participate.
Please keep in mind that some players are very young and playing on a server with other people for the first time.
I saw a player becoming quite upset with another player the other day because they were talking to them and asking them questions but getting no response. They felt like they were being ignored and became quite irate. The truth was... the other player was quite young and probably didn't even know they were being spoken to.
I've also seen some players giving tours to other new players and using some pretty big words and language that made me feel like they assumed the other player would be much older and able to understand.
It's tough in a video game world where you have no idea who the other person really is. But it's also an important reminder to not go making assumptions.
Talk to the other players, get an idea of what they can and can't understand. And if they don't respond, don't assume that they just don't want to. Maybe they just can't.
If you absolutely must make assumptions then assume they are just young and not sure how to play the game yet, or interact yet, or watch chat yet. Assume that it's nothing personal and therefore, not something you should take personally.
We have a lot of players joining us recently because we've been in the news so much and not all of them are going to be pros. Some will be young children experiencing this for the first time. So let's all do our best to make their first experience a good one. Ok?
blastoise186 Thanks for the advice AF, I'll take a look into how I can adapt myself to help a wider range of players. I do agre...
billyds1324 Also in tours, I've noticed a kind of scrambled pattern, going branch by branch is a good start for tours.
Hopkinz OK :)
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