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Hello news media and everyone finding us thanks to the wonderful articles out there. Please take a moment to read this (sorta) brief message.

My name is Stuart Duncan and I created Autcraft in response to the many parents on social media reaching out to other parents because their children were being bullied on public servers. I wanted to give them just one server where that would never happen. And I have.

First, I'd like to say that I never intended any of this to be about me. In fact, I never intended for anyone outside of the autism community to ever hear about Autcraft at all. This server was never on any Minecraft lists or mentioned in any Minecraft forums. The less visible we were, the better. This way there would be less trolls/hackers that would target us. So I can assure you that I have never seeked out media attention.

That being said, I am not shying away from it either. I feel that this will allow us to reach more people that need a server like Autcraft but also give us an opportunity to teach the world something.

That brings me to my second point... this server does very well, not because of me but because of the community that grew here. The children, adults, autistic and not autistic... we support, encourage and even celebrate each other regardless of our differences and especially because of what brings us all together.

Children are encouraged to be self-confident and proud of who they are. Parents are encouraged to participate in a game they don't understand because it will help them to build a bond with their children and with others around the world that they never imagined.

These are really great people and don't deserve to be attacked and hated just for who they are. I am autistic and proud. These kids are learning to do the same. But it's not easy when there are people out there constantly attacking them just for existing.

The bullies and trolls have been targetting us very heavily the last few days thanks to the media attention. It makes me sort of regret ever doing the interviews but at the same time, it's a powerful reminder of just why I do this. This is why Autcraft is here.

Tonight, 2 trolls did make it through the whitelist and onto the server and were promptly removed within minutes. It's because we devote our time and energy to ensuring that these children don't have to worry about that while they're here. They are bullied at school. They have enough struggles in life as it is. While they're on Autcraft... they only need be themselves, play a game and have some fun.

So if you wish to support myself and Autcraft, great... the Patreon link is to the right side of the page. If not, that's great too. But I do ask you to do one thing.

If any part of my story inspires you or makes you feel any sort of positive emotion at all... don't just click away and go about your life. Do something. Do something for someone else that needs you.

I left a job that paid better than what I'm doing now. Yes, it was a sacrifice. My children still eat well and are healthy but no, I can't get them a Nintendo Switch or take them on vacation. But they understand and support me because they want to help people too.

If I can help thousands of children around the world with practically no resources... then you can too. Don't just be inspired. Do something.

When the bullies hear about Autcraft, they do something. Believe me.

The question is... will you?

- AutismFather (Stuart Duncan)

PS, for more information on the science behind what we do, check out this award winning research study on Autcraft here: Would You Be Mine: Appropriating Minecraft as an Assistive Technology for Youth with Autism

AutismFox Very well put AutismFather! You've done soo much, I am also proud to be autistic! :)
AutismAlphaWolf_ Thanks for everything you do for us AF! You are truly autsome!
Neutrideo Af, i thank you for creating autcraft, i dont particualry feel autistic, but people say i seem to act like it, so i may ...

I'm super happy to announce that we've added an Autcraft Patreon Discord server!

That means that if you support Autcraft over on, you can get access to the Discord server where you can talk to me!

Before you go any further, please understand that this is only for people that join through the website and not available to those who get Patreon in the Autcraft store yet. Enjin is working on a way for us to do that which will hopefully be available soon but since they're the ones doing the work, we have no way to know when that'll be done.

We've also added a new $50/m perk where you'll get access to a special private channel where we can talk 1 on 1!

This means that if you're a parent and you want to talk to me about your child(ren), or the server itself or about autism in general or about anything else really, we can do that. If you want your children to be able to talk to me, we can do that! I'd love to talk to them!

Also we can record together, do live streams together and more using this new Discord server!

Discord is a great program for talking to other people either by text or voice. It's safe and uses very little resources. In fact, they even have a web interface. If you don't already use it, you can get more info on it at

So there you go! Support Autcraft, get a rank on the server, a coffee mug and you get to talk to me! Plus, you also get Autcraft too. Let's not forget that.

Your support is what keeps Autcraft free for all to use. Without you, there wouldn't be an Autcraft!

So thanks. It means a lot to me and to everyone that uses it.

AzmoPurge2YT_exe Today is meh birthday :d
saoirsefinn Uhh, Why are we doing this?! I thought Discord is not allowed on AutCraft!

This Saturday, AutismFather will be giving a TEDx Talk at York University in Toronto Canada. After the presentation, the audience will get to actually see the server through AutismFather's eyes on a big screen television.

You are invited to be there and be a part of the event! All you have to do is be on the server.

Event information as well as a countdown timer to when it'll be happening can be found at:

I hope to see you there!

dreniarb Is this available to watch? I've looked but can't find it anywhere.
who__farted awww I missed it :(

Autcraft's 4th Annual Egg Hunt

MiningMomGH ao
MiningMomGH @ Autcraft
posted Apr 14, 17

Join us on Autcraft this Sunday, April 16, to find hidden goodies!

Much like AF's firework shows, the egg hunts were designed to give players a way to participate in a seasonal event that mirrors the traditional egg hunting that may occur at your school or local park during this time of year. Many of our AC players have sensory issues that prevent them from enjoying these types of activities in person. Organizing server events that resemble traditional celebrations is our way of bringing the experience to minecraft and allowing kids (and adults) to participate in an environment that is comfortable to them.

We would love to see all of you at this fun community event! This a great way to spend time with your AC friends, but we encourage you to say hi to that player who you may see around a lot but haven't talked to yet. Also, invite mom, dad, grandma, siblings, your dog (no cats though as they tend to be spammy when near keyboards :P ) to sit next to you and see what Autcraft is all about. Most likely they will be interested to see what AC looks like to you as you play.

There will be 3 egg hunts throughout the day. For those who want to participate, we've scheduled the egg hunts during at least one reasonable time in each of the major timezones.

For more details click the link below:

Batduck8 will we be finding mob eggs?
MODKILLER1001 LOL same cat thing from last year

Happy Easter!

AutismFather ao posted Apr 12, 17

It's Easter this week which means it's all about the eggs!
Starting today until April 18th, all spawn eggs are 50% off!

But that's not all! Everything else in the store is 25% off as well including ranks!

We hope you have a terrific Easter!

LambAndHam It is cool that spawn eggs are 50% off
glitchygamer45 second. i like it
MidgetMan07 @ Autcraft
first and its realy cool :d
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