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Valentine's Day Sale!

AutismFather ao posted Feb 2, 16

LambAndHam cool! !
Yayablocksmasher they might spawn a nother ender dragon?
JohnJNinja Lovely

Public API Down

Saidy a posted Feb 1, 16

The Minecraft Public API is down at the moment. We do not know when it will be back online. What does this mean?

Temporarily, you will not be able to log in to any Minecraft servers.

You can check the status of the issue in Mojang's Support Center.

Please note that this is not only on Autcraft, and nothing is wrong on your end.

Hope to see you all in game once this issue is resolved!

abbyapp Ac is back up now
abbyapp I mean autcraft stupid auto correct
abbyapp Noooooo aircraft is my FAVORITE server!!!!
Yesterday I wrote about a special player who's vision is failing and how we're trying to allow him some exceptions in order to better accommodate those needs.
Last night I was approached by Raum, a plugin developer (he created the Stables plugin) who read our story and was eager to help! So last night, he and I worked together to create a brand new plugin that is already live and in use on the server today!!

Line Breaks

I mentioned how this player was beginning to spam chat a bit more and more, using a long line of characters such as dashes to break up the messages. Well, now this can be done automatically!
The plugin has a command called /splitchat which will break up the lines in the chat with any character you wish, such as dashes, asterix's and even blank lines! This makes chat way easier to read.
The bonus to this is that when you set it, only you see it. Not anyone else. This means that chat is broken up on your screen but no one else will shout "spam!" because they'll never see it.
An example of dashed line breaks can be see in the attached photos.

Name Highlighting

Another way in which we wanted to make chat more visible is by personal name highlighting.
This means that if I say your username in chat, you will see your name show up in yellow text. This makes it stand out in a big way and it's near impossible to miss. Again, this only happens for you. Everyone else will see your name in white.
More so than this, it's customizable. We know not everyone wants yellow so there's actually a command to change the colour using Minecraft color codes, such as &3 for cyan.
The command is
/ach highlight <colorcode>
Available color codes are in the attached photos.

Role Play

A big one on our list was to have the ability for players to create their own chat channels so that groups playing together, in particular, those playing in a role play game, can separate off into a separate chat where they won't see the public chat and the public chat won't see them.
Admins still see all chat regardless of channels so everything is still monitored.
By doing this, chat speed will be reduced greatly when there are high numbers of players on, making it much easier to read and keep up with.
This can be used for groups off mining together, building together, playing minigames together or any number of other situations.
While in chat channels, private messages can still go to anyone and messages can still be sent to the main public channel using
/chat <message>
Commands for channels are:
/channel create <channelname>
/channel join <channelname>
/channel leave
/channel list
/channel who
These are custom changes made especially for the Autcraft server to my specifications. In fact, the plugin is called Autcraft Helper.
We had two main focuses in creating this:
1. readability/visibility for those with poor vision. The ability to separate lines in chat and have their name stand out are key to this as is slowing chat down a bit by separating groups off into channels.
2. role play is a wonderful thing that sparks creativity and teamwork and creates great friendships. But it can be overwhelming in chat, especially if two or more groups are role playing at the same time. We needed a way to give those players their own space not just for our sake (so those of us not role playing don't see it) but so that they can role play without distraction from the main public chat.
I am super excited about this new addition to our server. I hope you all are too. And I can't thank Raum enough for working with me late into the night last night to make this a reality so quickly.
There's a thread in our forum listing all of the commands and features here:
If you have any questions or suggestions, we'd love to hear them.
Thanks for all your support!
JohnJNinja Oh cool that sound intresting
canine828 YESS!!!!!! I can finally have my name in yellow (my fave colour)! Other people were able to change their name color but ...
JadeReguba Is there a way to add certain words to be colored besides just user names? Like rp and Parkour and such? I know a lot ...
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