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Announcing the 24 hour livestream on April 2nd!

AutismFather a
AutismFather @ Autcraft
posted Mar 8, 17

This April 2nd, I will be livestreaming for 24 hours straight to raise awareness of autism and to end bullying in the Minecraft community.

The livestream will begin at midnight EST and run straight through until the next midnight. No one is expected to watch the entire thing but we'd love for you to visit at some point and say hi.

Most of the livestream will take place on the Autcraft server itself.

The livestream will be at

More information can be found at

Also, I play games, I don't run. So this is my marathon.
If you'd like to support me and Autcraft, you can do so at

I hope to see you there!

MidgetMan07 who's face?
Mr_Diamond_Cart When AF is doing the Ted Talk (April 22nd), that is the same date as my birthday! :d But I can't go though... It is...
MidgetMan07 it wont let me on ac


SparkleTwinnie a posted Mar 6, 17

The details of AutconUK are now up on our events page. The date is 12th August 2017 and the venue is the same as last year. After looking at several venue options this one seemed to be the best one geographically placed within the City of Liverpool.

To see the details go to and if you are interested in attending please sign up on that page, once you have signed up I will be in touch with more details as and when I have them.

I have also set up at JustGiving page in order to raise fund for the day, our dream is to raise enough funds so that AF can join us!

PenTopper Can next years Autcon be in America? like in Virginia?
MidgetMan07 i realy want to go to the UK but i cant it looks fun tho

Map Art World!

AutismFather a
AutismFather @ Autcraft
posted Feb 3, 17

Today we'd like to announce the launch of a brand new world that is exclusively for creating Map Art!

We've noticed a lot of players have shown an interest in creating map art, that is, pixel art on the ground within the area of an in game map. Some players have created incredible pieces of art!

There are problems with this though. For example, these maps take up a very large chunk of land in the build worlds that could be used for actual buildings. Also, if anyone tampers with these maps, or places things above them or if the build worlds are ever reset, these maps could be ruined or gone forever.

To solve these problems, we've created a new flat world just for creating these maps in a place where it's easier to work in and will be preserved forever.

If you are a map artist and would like to visit the new world or even request a plot of your own to create map art in, go to /spawn and find the button near the mob farm and calm room buttons.

Q: How many maps can we create?
A: Right now we're keeping it to 5 per player but may change it or find ways to allow players to add more if need be.

Q: How do I get to my map areas?
A: We've set up a way for you to go to the map art world and to each of your map art plots without ever having to use any of your TP timers. Well, except for the one that gets you to /spawn. Details are on signs in the Map Art building.

Q: How do I get a plot to create my map art?
A: Same way you get anything from the admins: /modreq. Again, details are in the Map Art building. Be sure to read the signs!

Q: What are the rules for map art content?
A: Well, it's your map, put what ever you want in it. However, do keep in mind that our regular server rules do apply so they have to be child/family appropriate.

Q: Can I work on my map art with a friend?
A: Yes, in your modreq for creating the map art plot, include the names of the players that will be helping you.

GravityZollo am i aloud to change my user name in minecraft
Robbie_Rotten__ I don't build 2 often (im lazy) all through I might use it sometime just for the course of it being there
Radical_Punk @ Autcraft
Be grateful for what the server does have. I haven't seen much gratitude towards AF no "thank you for spen...

Valentine's Day

AutismFather a
AutismFather @ Autcraft
posted Feb 2, 17

While there is a rule against talking about love and relationships and such on the server, because we don't believe a video game server full of children is the right place for such talk, we do however very much believe in loving each other.

Autcraft was created first and foremost as a place for children (and adults) with autism to have a place where they can feel safe. That is a statement without conditions.

No matter where you are from, what you believe or whom you love, no one on Autcraft will judge you for it or hate you for it or even question it.

Love your significant other, love your family, love your friends and love yourself.

- AF

*PS: To thank you for being our Valentine, we've put up a little discount in our online shop. Valid until the end of February 14th!

MidgetMan07 Nebby Pls Get In The Bag
Nebby/Redrooey Oh wow nice logo

Patreon, Ranks and Donations

AutismFather a
AutismFather @ Autcraft
posted Jan 29, 17

As we get settled into 2017, I want to take a moment to remind everyone that Autcraft is a free server and open to all that have autism as well as their families. I intend to keep it that way.

To do that, I depend on the support of those people that are able to give a little to keep both myself and the server going.

Mine and Autcraft's primary source of income is

I've updated the page to provide more information, including research studies and an FAQ to answer some common questions I get. The purpose of the Patreon page is to offer supporters a way to donate to Autcraft on a monthly basis in any amount that they feel comfortable with, even as low as $1.

As part of my updates to the page, which I highly recommend you check out for information and answers to questions that I'm sure you have, I've also updated my "goal" information to include the fact that once I hit my next goal on Patreon, I will begin setting up a new Autcraft Creative server.

Also, relatively new, we've added a Patreon rank on the server for anyone that becomes a patron at the $10 level. The rank adds lots of extra commands including some that aren't available to anyone else and also some particle effects that no-one else has access to as well.

We also have other ranks on the server which offer some perks to the players such as particle effects, added set homes, ability to bypass the teleport timer and more. These are ways to support the server one time rather than each month. Those and a lot more can be found at

Keep in mind, also, that everything in the online store can be purchased with points that the players can earn without having to ever spend so much as a dollar.

Finally, to those who simply just want to donate one time in any amount they choose, we also have a PayPal page set up just for that at

That's that and again, I thank you all for your support, for being a part of the community and I wish you the very best in 2017!

AC_Supportive96 Dude don't wanna hurt u but.. PC9... AF didn't say the word "creative" in this post ;(
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