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When I first created Autcraft back in June of 2013, the very first screenshot I ever took on the server was of some redstone that I was working on in order to have fireworks at spawn.

It was important to me to have a nice big fireworks display done on time so that all the children (and adults) with autism that couldn't attend fireworks in real life would be able to enjoy them on the server.

Many people with autism suffer from sensory issues that can be amplified during big events like fireworks, with things like loud bangs, twinkling lights, the smell of smoke and the large crowds being too overwhelming.

This month I've been working hard on some brand new redstone under our latest spawn so that we can have fireworks once again this year to celebrate Canada Day and Independence Day! The difference being that this time, I've opened up my fireworks room to the rest of the server so the players can look in and see how it all works any time they want!

It's tough to find, but there is a way in and out. If you can find it, then you can see how I made it so that the fireworks go off for a certain period of time, then turn off and start the big grand finale for another period of time and then turns itself off and resets, ready for the next show... all done in redstone. No command blocks, no cheats.

So this July 1st and July 4th, expect to see a lot of fireworks on the server at spawn!

Also, we've thrown in 10% off in the store for each nation's birthday... making 20% off total! Ranks, items... even buying points is 20% off!

You've all been wondering what is going to happen on June 23rd since players can spawn dragons any time they want now... well, here's your answer.

If you've been following along with AutismFather's YouTube series, RageCraft 3, then you know that there are some pretty amazing ways to change around Minecraft's mobs so that they can be far more deadly, and far more fun to fight.

On June 23rd, three times through out the day, we will have huge epic invasion style fights that will include the mobs you already know, withers, dragons and now... RageCraft 3 mobs too!

You won't find anything like this anywhere else. So bring your best gear and prepare for the fight of your life.

- Yes, KeepInventory will be on
- This fight will be in The End because that's the only place the Dragon will fight you
- You can attend one, two or all three of the fights if you can be awake for them
- No, we won't be telling you what times they are in your time zone. We listed the major ones, you figure it out from there

Have fun!!

Oakstone I missed it! :( Oh well, maybe next year.
TabbyGirl472 i can only attend the 2nd and 3rd fight because im not awake at 0400 hours.
timotheninja I can't go on MC because i just updated to windows 10 and it says i have an out dated graphics driver :(

The Invasion

AutismFather a posted Jun 19, 16

kitys Im gonna get my best gear ready!
JohnJNinja Oooooo spoopy looks like fun
Arsam1114 Is there going to be an monster invasion in spawn or something? Is that what this event is?

Father's Day Sale!

AutismFather a posted Jun 17, 16

All weekend, if you want to buy some points, they're 15% off!

HannahMC00 It's still sunday for me I went on to buy unlimited set homes and it came out at 1500 points
Arsam1114 :/ It's still weekend, and it's not on sale anymore. My internet went out as I was shopping last night, then...
sammers2004 Nice!


SparkleTwinnie a posted Jun 14, 16

We are just weeks away from our UK meet and greet event, AutconUK. Our JustGiving page   has only two days left before it closes and we have just about reached 50% of our goal. Thank you so much to those who have already donated. The funds raised will go towards the day, providing activities, food, goodybags and all round fun! If you are interested in coming to the event, please see and register your interest. It would be so so autsome if we could raise our targeted goal! Please go to  to read more! ~SparkleTwinnie :)


HannahMC00 Me and my mum ( BookWorm18 ) have donated now
Diamond_Minerz Would be nice to be in US or even Canada sometime in the future...I like TabbyGirl472's suggestion of DC...I'm...
Crossbones_X This post just makes me cry