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Introducing TAO

AutismFather a posted Sep 22, 16

As most people know about Autcraft, our ranks and rewards are focused on the good that players do. Buddies who are friends to those who feel lonely get the Buddy rank. Helpers who drop what ever they're doing to be helpful to anyone who needs it are given the Helper ranks.

Our greatest reward on the server, the AutismFather Sword is given to those few who go well above and beyond all of that and truly put the community and all those in it above themselves.

Now we'd like to introduce you to TAO, which we use as the abbreviation for Thinking About Others. It's a new way for players to let us know about other players who should be acknowledged for the good things that they do.

We already have the CBA system, Caught Being Awesome, where helpers and admins reward players who do good deeds with a few extra points but that's just us who are watching for that. Not everyone.

By encouraging players to watch out for each other and acknowledge their good behaviours, we not only encourage more good behaviours but also the drive in people to watch out for the good stuff, not just the bad.

In today's society, people tend to only speak up about a product or service or person when they have a complaint. But we feel that it's the good that people do that should really be talked about most.

Tao, not the abbreviation, is an ancient Chinese philosophy that is the fundamental basis for the Yin and Yang that we all know today. It's about balance, it's about the forces of nature and the universe.

Most people think of balance as good and evil, black and white and so forth but it's so much more than that. For example, being willing to receive gratefully when we have nothing and in turn, being willing to share openly when we have something to share. That's balance. It's not good and evil, it's good and good but it's still balance.

We aren't looking to teach any philosophy lessons on Autcraft but we do want to find new and fun ways for our players to find balance in their lives and we feel the best way to do that is to think about each other, support each other and encourage each other.

If each of us is willing to accept help when we need it and to offer it when we can give it... we'll have a community that is truly at peace, perfectly in balance.

MCGamerDog Well is there a reward for the players?
TNSchnettler *faseplm* y did this not come soner
WilburJnr autsome

Labour Day Sale!

AutismFather a posted Sep 3, 16

vineboy88 Cool!
Yoshicraft224 "Labor Day" is less depressing than "Back to School" :p
TabbyGirl472 i got iron because of that sale

As you know, our patrons at Patreon are supporting the server in a huge way, keeping Autcraft online by paying the bills. We want to give back to those people by offering some perks in game such as turning off the auto messages, being able to auto deny tpa requests with /tptoggle and of course, being able to fly.

Now, for those people who support us at the $10 per month level either at or in our own store here on the website at, you will now receive the in game rank of Patreon.

The rank will show up ahead of your name in orange/gold lettering on the server as well as on the website on your profile page and in the forums. You will receive the added perks for the length of your subscription.

Autcraft is here because of you. Without you, none of this could happen. This is our way of saying thanks.

AutismWithASkip How do you disable auto messages?
Bunnih Mine doesn't seem to show up on the website it says I am still diamond rank
WilburJnr I have the rank now :) :) :) :) :) :p

AutCon AU is a mere few weeks away now. So keep yourself up to date by checking the events page every week to see if anything has been updated.

Also NOTE: The website had set itself to say Monday 26th but the event is Tuesday 27th at 10.00am.

BowWhalley Though I would love to attend, plane tickets are expensive. I don't have a drivers license until October. Next year...
AutismWithASkip You gotta calm down or I will get my cousins to hug you to death.. Please note my cousins are all penguins.
TabbyGirl472 omg that picture :-o

In the past we've had people try to say some very terrible things in public about Autcraft or about the admins, usually in social media, sometimes here in our forums or on Enjin walls. Usually the players and even other admins come to me about it, asking/advising me to remove it or address it. I do neither.

Often times these things are posted by players that we've had to remove from the server for one reason or another. It usually starts with "I was banned for no reason."

In most cases, we've worked with these players for months or even years and when no progress is made, or worse... the risk to the other players grows... we have to remove them. That's when they take to social media to tell the world about how terrible we were to them.

What I want to remind everyone is that there are always two sides to every story and when you hear about someone with a grudge against me or the other admins, chances are you aren't going to hear about all of the details.

I believe that our reputation speaks for itself. Not just our reputation but your experience. Not our experience but your own. If you've played on the server or had a child playing on the server and you've talked to us or seen us talking to others or, you know... just spent any time at all with us on Autcraft... I would hope that you would take that into consideration when you read about a disgruntled player lashing out against us publicly.

I'm not saying to not believe someone if they have a gripe against me or the server. I'm sure they believe they are right. Maybe they do have a point. But still, it's only their point... their side to the story.

I believe strongly in letting people express themselves, even against me and the server. I believe in this because first of all, freedom, but secondly because what I and the others have built here on Autcraft speaks for itself. If someone spends a year with us and then turns around and believes all the cruel things that a random person posts about us somewhere... then any response from me is going to be pointless anyhow.

Finally, if these posts are coming from disgruntled players that had to be removed... keep in mind our dedication to people's privacy. We hold each individual's privacy way above anyone else's need to be in on the drama. We don't owe anyone any explanations except for the parties directly involved. If you want to believe I'm a terrible person because I'm not going to explain to you why someone was removed... then by all means. Believe what you will. Better that than me posting people's private information publicly for all to see.

WantedWolf420 @ Autcraft
No matter what, I will always go on the Admin's side.
SirElijahGavin was i one of them
flaming_bird_164 some people just want attention and they should take a minute to think what they are saying and to who there are saying ...
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