ok so this pic says most of it accept for the fact its on pokemon brick bronse and alot fo this time i been saving up for the most expencive house/apparment in that game becase im just that boss where i go big or log off ( cant relly say or go home becase im always home when on the computer lol) but asside that the pic will speak for it self i think ik sleep and heal is more impotand but its tiems liekt hese that i find alittle fursttrating lol were im clsoe to a goal but cant becase of the senario bing for ither sleep or somthing much more importand lol well i guess ill sing off the post here and head to bed i will how ever also say ill post a update to this once i do get the house/apparttment in the game for those that are liking that ideabut any how its 6 am sleep is needed so im off to bed gnight enjoy the funny pic lol