Dear Notch

AutismFather ao posted Sep 10, 14
Dear Notch,

The rumours are that Microsoft is trying very hard to purchase Mojang and I'm sure that I'm already too late (at the time of my writing and the time of your reading) to influence that in any way, not that I really could anyway, but I'm not letting any of that stop me from writing this.

Notch, in the unlikely event that this is in time and you do see this, I have one request of you... please don't forget about us.

There are schools now that use Minecraft in the classroom to educate children. There are education programs set up separate from schools that use Minecraft. There are therapists using it to connect with the children they help. And of course, us here at Autcraft are seeing amazing progress in children that simply no longer have to fear the judgments from others.

Over the last year, I've been helping several other disability organizations set up Minecraft servers of their own in an effort to help  the children that they are already offering services too because they see the potential... they've witnessed how much your game can help.

I realize that I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know and as I said before, I realize that I'm likely too late, if you ever even read this at all... but I have to try. I have to say it. I have to remind you if there's any chance or hope at all.... I beg of you, please, think of us.

I don't know what the future holds, with or without Microsoft, but real children are making real progress that they might not have had the opportunity for without Minecraft. Education, life experiences, friendships, equality... your game does that.

If Minecraft is to change hands, if you're ever to entrust this incredible gift to anyone else, please make sure that they know what you're giving them. Please make sure that they know about us. Please make sure that they share your passion. And finally, please make sure that they don't take this away from us and the children.

I make zero money from this. I am not writing to you out of self preservation. I have my day job for that. I write to you on behalf of the thousands.... the millions of children that are positively affected by your game every single day.

Please don't forget about us.

And what ever you decide, what ever happens, thank you and also, congratulations. You are worth the asking price and more.

Stuart Duncan - AutismFather.