Earth Day - April 22

By AutismFather ao - Posted Apr 20, 18

Autcraft is a big supporter of Earth Day and Earth Hour. We've been known to shut the server down for Earth Hour in the past just because.

This year, for Earth Day, we will keep the server open but do want to encourage you all to take our special deal.

We will give you everything in our online store for the server at 75% off the usual price but you have to agree to take at least one hour away from your computer, video games, television and everything else that consumes power or produces garbage.

We're using the honour system on this one since we have no way to make sure you keep your end of the bargain but we're hoping that you will see what it is that we're trying to do by encouraging this.

The server has over 1,200 unique players per month. One person taking a break for an hour might not seem like much but if we all do it, it will make a real difference.

Visit and take the pledge to help end plastic pollution and make our world a cleaner place!

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