ok so i seen aphew times some ppl who dotn like getting welcomed back and thats ok i jsut wanted to post my feelings about such things
you see i still rember for me things b4 ac a bit atleast the genral picture of that and it wasnt plesant so when ppl say welcome back to me or wb while for me its hard to include all the ppl i feel its a good thing still to try and say ty to those ppls becase i think of those just unlicky enough to not have foudn such a server thats right for them and as restult it be like to those not lucky enought to find a good miencraft server woudl probly be the same for us w/ out ac were they dotn feel safe and happy or able to trust ppl i feel liek those on ac and dont like to be welcomed back shoudl alteast some tiems reconised we the plaers of ac are lucky to ahve a server thats safe and fun enough to be welcomed back in teh first place now i feel its fine to not want a wb when over loaded or just not able to handle it wich is fair but i feel a good amount of ppl should least reconise how lucky ppl on ac are at all to have that now i hope this did not feel liek a direct on thing to such ppl that dont liek to be welcomed back as it was more so inteded to say my opion of that sort fo thing