Hey guys I've just finished my Public Ghast Arena for you all to use!
It's fully functional and contains the following:
A beacon that gives protection and regeneration
Two spawners spawning Ghasts every 10-20 seconds (you do need to be within 15 blocks of the spawner to activate it)
A staircase that leads up to a second floor where you can shoot ghasts from closer up if you can't fly. and it's so you can activate the spawner.
AND an automatic pickup system so if you don't want the loot that drops from the ghast, I've set up about 30 minecart hoppers that will pick it up for you and take it into a chest which can be found on either side of the arena.
So if you ever feel like killing some ghasts or want to try and get a head (i got a shiny today :thumb: ) then tp to me if I'm ingame or tp to someone who has a sethome there.