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Happy Mother's Day

AutismFather a posted May 10, 15

oscarman_67 In the UK mother's day was in March!
Minus_Opus There are apparently 30 different Mothers' Days in the year, depending where you are in the world.
Bumblebee559 Mothers day's in June.....its not mothers day AF you got the wrong day

We still see players that lie to us about breaking or placing things, we still see players lie to one admin after another admin had already turned them down for something.

We've even seen players get muted or jailed (or both) by an admin and then lie to a SrHelper or JrHelper about what happened in an attempt to get out of it.

If you are a player on the server or if you are a parent who's child plays on the server, please understand that we have logging plugins in place that track every block and item that you place, break, pickup or drop.

All incidents, whether they be mutings, jailings, conversations about things and even the good stuff, like catching people being really nice, are recorded by each of us in the forums so that we can all be aware of what's happening in each situation.

Also, as is the case with every Minecraft server, system logs, including chat, private messages and commands attempted/run, are kept at all times as well.

What I'm trying to say is, if it happened on Autcraft, there's a good chance that we know about it. So please don't lie to us about it. That only makes things worse. Especially since we would really rather talk about these things with you and work them out rather than deal with punishments or anything like that.

- AF

LakesideMiners I adment to killing simba the at by mstake i modrqss it but they did not bring him back.
DarkLucarioDrago they probably lie because they dont know better some of the anyway. . .
DarkLucarioDrago some probably do that because they probably dont know better

The general store in Dry Gulch

LadyCath a
LadyCath @ Autcraft
posted Feb 17, 15

The general store in Dry Gulch is getting a much needed update!

We have removed some items, moved around some others.. you can buy things such as horse spawn eggs, golden apples, beacons, ghast tears and much MUCH more!

How do I get there? Well you go to the warproom in spawn and there is a button

How do I use the signs? You right click the shop sign to buy the item with your in game currency

How do I get currency? Well in game, you can get a job (type /jobs). There are many different kinds like Hunter, Wooductter, iIsherman and Miner and as you work at those jobs you get more currency to spend (check that currency using /bal)

Have a suggestion of things to sell in the General Store? Please put it here -

FireLion245 You should add lapis because almost everybody needs it
Eccentric_Genius Is there something in the shop plugin that affects placing hoppers? My son and I had mailboxes in front of our house,and ...
Miner178 @ Autcraft
I suppose people can be me if they really wish.. Seriously though, I'll keep explaining this! ...

1.8 Update!

LadyCath a
LadyCath @ Autcraft
posted Feb 4, 15

We are now running 1.8.  Please remember to update your clients.


A word of caution though, Lockette didn't like the move much and decided to remove the []'s from the signs which means locked doors and chests aren't locked anymore.
You can fix this quickly/easily by just removing those signs and putting them back on again.


zacawoo93 I don't think some people aren't protecting their stuff because a opened a chest that had the word privet on it and it d ...
Eccentric_Genius Speaking of things not working, did 1.8 do anything to the shop plugin? We had some mailboxes at our home; the hoppers ...
PandaBoy888 this is so cool !!! ...

Sale - Now ON!!!

LadyCath a
LadyCath @ Autcraft
posted Jan 20, 15
Half the world is back at school already!

We are having a sale to celebrate... 15% off pretty much everything!

Coupon Code : BACK2SCHOOL

And don't forget to check out the new School Package, equipped with school shoes and hat - this one is available now and will be during and after the sale as well.

Get in quick! Only lasts until 9 Feb (EST US)

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