AutconUK 2017 was a huge success this year! So many of our players attended from around the UK and Europe. It was such a busy day with lots of activities going on. Firstly I would like to thank the players that attended, without you, Autcon simply wouldn't happen. I am so proud of all of you for taking such a big step to meet up in person. Then, all your wonderful parents, do you guys realise just how amazing they are! They not only brought you along to Autcon but they all helped clear up the hall at the end of the day. It was so humbling to see everyone working as a team, so thank you so much parents, that really meant a lot to me and the Autcon team. Furthermore, I would like to thank everyone for the donations given on our JustGiving Page this enabled us to make the day even better due to your generosity. The Autcon Team would also like to thank our sponsors this year for their very kind donations and/or offers of help. They are: they gave us the use of their hall, donated the sensory den and sensory toys inside the den and some of the minecraft lego. generously donated enough boxheads for everyplayer to colour in, once again made our t-shirts, provided the books inside the goody bags. So.....a big thank you to you all and hope to see you next year at AutconUK 2018! The Image below was created by one of our AutconUK attendees, ChloeTehBanana.

Neve_Kitty Who knows? Maybe next year i might go to Autcon! It sounds like a lot of fun :)

There's not much to report about this update, it just fixes some bugs, however, you will have to update your Minecraft launcher in order to connect now.

For information on how to do this, visit:

WarriusGamer521 Hi AF:) I set it up just how you said in the link and my brother yayawarrior521 got on but i couldnt? We have tried dele...
blastoise186 Thanks AF! I'm already set up for it :)

If you haven't done this yet, please take a minute and do this now because it's extremely important.

Visit this page, follow the instructions:

Your safety is our main concern and we want to you have everything setup and secured properly.


Cool Mc Jujerson It's common sense to do this anyways.
Mr_Diamond_Cart Done! :)

This is it! This is my TEDx Talk!! Posted on the official TEDx Talk YouTube channel.

I really hope you all like this... I really poured my heart and soul into it as this is literally my one real chance to the tell the world all about Autcraft... and to inspire others to do more to help us all too.

RustyMb Also I forgot to say great job
RustyMb as usual autism father is an inspiration to everything and everyone we stand with and for on autcraft. thank you autism ...
Ice_Angels_2112 lilttle late but great job
When we updated the server to 1.12, we also expanded the 4 main build worlds by 5k blocks in all directions. That might not sound like much but I challenge you to try to walk all the way around it.
Speaking of which, we've also updated the teleport rooms for each of the worlds as well.
Previously the world borders were set to 30k in each direction with teleporter buttons that would take you out in 5k, 10k and 15k intervals. You just had to walk the rest. This meant that a lot of space in each world hasn't been used much.
The teleport rooms now have double the buttons which now allow you to go out to 20k, 25k and 30k blocks!!
We're hoping this will make it easier for newer players to find some open space to build on.
We've also been busy updating the "teleport pads" in each of those locations to provide you with some basic tools to use to get started but also a button that will get you back. We've found that some new players teleport out into the world but don't know to use /spawn to get back, so they feel stuck out there. Now they won't!
So if you're new to the server or if you've just been looking to get further out into the world where there are less people all around, check out the new buttons that take you out further than ever!
PinkSnoopyorGabe This is very nice because now I can build more!!
AceGriff so that means there is more land to explore?
Lach0503 Wow, only a few weeks ago i was searching for a woodland mansion only to reach the world border. To make things worse i ...