Ranks and Rewards

By AutismFather a - Posted Dec 5, 17

We've seen an increase in the number of players being upset that they aren't chosen for Player of the Week or for any special ranks. These players feel defeated, unlucky and useless. They feel like they'll never accomplish anything.

To those players (or to their parents who can pass this along), I'd like to point out something to you... I don't get any awards either.

There are all sorts of awards around the world for people's work in the field of autism, special needs, advocacy in general and I've never even been mentioned at any of them, much less nominated or winning any.

I will be honest, sometimes I see the accomplishments of some people that do get nominated for special awards and I think to myself... wait, I've accomplished more than that in less time. Why them? Why not me?

But then I remind myself that it's not really that important. I remind myself that I don't really care about awards or recognition. I remind myself that none of those things are the reason that I do what I do and all I really want to do is help people. I want people to be happy and to feel good about themselves, that's all.

If you truly want to be a good person, someone who helps others, then you should do so knowing that those people can never do anything for you in return and that there's a good chance that no one will ever know you did it. That's real compassion and integrity and character. That's truly the most pure act of kindness there is.

Do something for someone that can't do anything for you and do it even if no one sees it. Do it because it's right.

Don't worry about ranks or rewards or any of that. You don't need it to feel important or special. You only need to do these things knowing that you made a positive difference in someone's life. Do that and you'll feel much more rewarded than if someone gave you praise for it.. because you'll know that you did it selflessly and with integrity.

It'll mean that much more. And believe me, other people will see it and they'll know it and they'll respect you that much more for it.

Don't seek rewards. Just be proud of yourself. You deserve it.


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