Shortly after starting Autcraft, we began having a POTW (Player Of The Week) announcement each Monday. We didn't really pick that as the day, it just worked out that way and we stuck with it.

The thing is, even though our POTW announcements on Monday tend to be the busiest time on the server each week, it's still not as busy as it could be. Monday's at 4pm is when many children are in school and parents at work.

Starting in 2018, we're moving the announcements to Sundays at 4pm EST. We hope this will be better for everyone and make it easier for everyone to be there.

If you need to know when 4pm is in your time zone, use this url and enter 4pm EST as the starting point:

Also, for those looking ahead, December 31st is on Sunday and January 1st the Monday. To avoid confusion and because we suspect most people won't be around anyhow, there will be no POTW announcement that week.

The first POTW announcement for 2018 will be on January 7th, a Sunday.

- AF

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